4 Useful Car Hacks You Never Knew!

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Newspaper for Bumper Sticker Stains

Bumper sticker on cars

A lot of people aren’t found of placing stickers on their cars’ bumpers. If you are one of those, here is a simple car hack that can easily help you peel-off the sticker and get rid of the unsightly residue. First of all, peel off the sticker gently, then grab some newspaper, dampen it a little bit of water and lay it over the leftover sticker. After about 15 minutes, the residue will soften and you can easily wipe it off.

Toothpaste to Wipe Cloudy Headlights

Toothpaste for headlights

The surface of a car’s headlights become dull and cloudy over time, though it may not affect the performance of the headlights as such. You can wipe off this dull and cloudy surface of your car’s headlights by simply using a toothpaste. Apply a little bit of toothpaste on a clean peace of towel or cloth and start scrubbing the headlights; there you are!

Olive Oil for Your Car’s Dashboard

Olive oil dashboard


Olive oil can be used to give your car’s dashboard, a really good shine. Use coffee filters for polishing the dashboard’s surface, as they are soft and do not cause scratches. Coffee filters pick up any dust or grime, and give a nice and shiny look to your car’s dashboard.

Laundry Basket to Tidy up The Boot

Laundry basket in boot

Stuff like grocery bags, cloths and work supplies can be kept in a laundry basket to help you organize these day to day supplies. You can buy a couple of laundry baskets and keep one for groceries, one for work supplies and one for the cloths or other items you might be storing in the car’s boot.

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  1. German Ab says

    please dont use Urdu / Eng newspaper for this purpose as they contain lots of Islamic information and names on them. try to get russian / chinese or plain recycled paper for cleaning.

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