Car Carriers Not Allowed to Travel on Motorway Anymore

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The motorway police have declined to allow car carriers to travel on motorway for the past week. The reason for this action is being cited as the violation of new rules. To be specific, these car carriers are being stopped due to their extra length; which as per spokesperson of All Pakistan Car Carriers Association, is according to international standards. The spokesperson further added:

It has been a week since this latest situation. There are more than 1500 cars from the local manufacturers, which are due for delivery. This setback is not only creating problems for the showroom owner and customers but it will also reflect badly on the auto-manufacturers’ storage capacity.

He also added that the storage facilities are already full and local auto-manufacturers will have to stop the production of further cars as the storage spaces haven’t been emptied since past seven working days. Expressing his concerns over this situation he further added:

The local auto-manufacturing industry will face severe backlash from this action and will be on the verge of closure due shortage of storage and stoppage of production. More importantly, it is the lack of response to our official attempts to contact the relative Government officials, which is raising some serious concerns.

The spokesman said that they have written to Chairman National Highway Authority (NHA) Ashraf Tarar and Federal Secretary of Communication Khalid Masood Chauhdry and have asked for urgent meeting to avoid strike against illegal detention/stoppage of car carriers on highways and motorways of Pakistan.

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  1. Guest says

    Size does matter. {Pun intended}. Extra long not allowed to enter.

  2. Waqas says

    Talking about International Stadards, if pakistani trucks are a little long that means they can buy american trucks no ? In Europe especially in germany the truck are pretty length compare to all european country (pakistani from France).
    I think Pakistan have to import american truck like he done before with the iconical Bedford.

  3. Hassan Shahroon says

    Why dont they manufacture cars according to “international standards”.

  4. Fazal Wahab says

    Motorway only?? These trailers are completely without any international standards.. these transporters just created Two level hauling by converting a regular flat bed trailer used for the containers.. That’s the reason we have seen number of overturned trailers.. These car transporters are completely without any specifications. They should not be on the roads..

  5. Junaid says

    These car carriers have under powered tractors and you can see them struggling on the salt range. There should a general rule that any vehicle cannot cruse below 60 KPH. Most of the accidents are due to these very slow tractors trying to overtake one another and faster moving vehicles crashing into them from behind.

  6. Saad Thahim says

    They should also ban them on M9 Karachi Motorway.

  7. Umair Chaudhry says

    A Big LOL. International Standards Carriers for Sub Standards Cars.. Are you Kidding me?

  8. Usman Saleem says

    I saw this last night at ravi toll plaza all the trucks caring honda and suzuki vehicles was parked facing multan.

  9. Waqar says

    Oh the irony!

  10. Guest says

    The general rule about minimum speed exists everywhere, including Pakistan.

    I know this because I asked from the trainer in a training program, and the trainer was from NH&MP.

  11. Rao Muhammad Younas says

    Dear All, Let us not be emotional. we need solutions, In Pakistan we do not follow the LAW and make on adding the space with out any legal permission just to earn more by loading TWO Extra Vehicles. It creates number of issues while on Road, Turning radius, Pulling Power, Overtaking, rear visibility and hanging cars just to get more money. The manufacturers be upheld to be responsible for this illegal activity and strict discipline be ensured for implementation for safety of others travelling on road.

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