PakWheels Exclusive Spy Shots: Suzuki Vitara Reaches Port Qasim

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Earlier today PakWheels Sources have reported that Pak-Suzuki has received the first shipment of Suzuki Vitara at Port Muhammad bin Qasim in Karachi, Pakistan.

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This move by Pak-Suzuki comes at a time, when the country’s auto-industry is picking up its pace and foreign investors are seeking entry due to the lucrative incentives presented by the Government in its new Auto-Policy 2016-2021.

Suzuki Vitara was launched initially in 1988 and is in its 4th generation globally. PakWheels sources have confirmed that Pak-Suzuki will be launching this car in December-2016. Prior to this development, the company had introduced Suzuki Kizashi in limited stock to probe the market by introducing a higher-end car. Earlier, PakSuzuki representatives had also hinted at new arrivals following the Kizashi to remove the insignia of being a ‘lower-end’ auto-manufacturer in Pakistan.

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Stay tuned with PakWheels, as we will be covering this SUV in detail.


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  1. Guest says

    That’s the cheapest way of putting watermarks i have even seen. :thumbsdown

  2. Usman says

    Vitara is a good car but Pak Suzuki will give it a price tag at which no one will ever buy a Suzuki. Especially given their reputation in Pakistan. I simply don’t want to have a 3 million+ car having same badge as a mehran.

  3. Bil says

    ‘ALL GRIP ‘ …. Luks like an Awd crossover. .
    Without localisation its impossible to reduce prices, be it Kizashi or a Vitara

  4. Ahmed says

    PakWheels Exclusive lol

  5. Fahadi says

    I think so people should wait as Audi Q2 would arrive soon. It would be wastage of money spent on this Suzuki Vitara. 3 million is too much for Suzuki. I wonder same would happen to Vitara as it was happened to Suzuki Kizashi…

  6. Mohammad Zeeshan Fahd says

    water marks ….. come on pakwheels ….. behave decently ….

  7. osama says

    Vitara is a good car and is doing well in European markets. Vitara having Suzuki tag doesn’t matter since Suzuki also make Hayabusa and Bandit… I think Pakistan has to come out of this ‘low level brand’ mentality…

  8. Azeem Waqar says

    Pehli Bar Pic pe itne watermarks dekhai hain….. shame on Pakwheels

  9. Guest says

    People cannot be blamed of “Low level brand mentality”. Suzuki themselves are selling decades old junksters. They themselves are to blame.

    Atlas also operated in the same market. Yet they introduce nearly modern models of half decent build quality along with modern engines etc. despite they keep the number of features low to be cost effective for developing country. They do not have the same reputation as PakSuzuki.

  10. osama says

    Perhaps that is due to the reason that their older models sells more. However if we notice Suzuki has introduced lots of models in both car and motorbike category since 2005 till 2016. If we recall Liana, APV, Jimny and Grand Vitara models were introduced in 2005. In 2010 Swift, in 2014 WagonR and Kizashi and now Vitara is potentially coming which is internationally running. Beside this it is the first company in Pakistan to introduce Heavy Bikes and Outboard Marine engines!! Where do we get that? There is also news that Celerio is replacing Cultus… Perhaps I think from Suzuki’s part it needs more of that proper communication about their modern brands… why don’t the classify their brands into classics & contemporaries as a starter??

    Regarding the older models to be honest it is the people of Pakistan that demand these products which is why Suzuki is selling. Otherwise if there would have been decline of demand then definitely these versions should have been phased out. Suzuki is one of the formidable automotive brand in the world… offcourse they aren’t fools when it comes to doing business and minting money.

  11. Farhan Akram says

    Give it up PakSuzuki, You have looted this nation a lot.

  12. faysal says

    True where Mehran old teen dbba is for 725000 roughly with registration… They don’t have a competitor that’s why they have monopoly like its a deal that Suzuki will not go for big cars and Toyota Honda wouldnt go for small cars so we the consumers have no other option and we say that atkeast they are brand new its a peace of mind cz Japanese importers have ripped off people too by selling damages repair cars on market price so people are scared of buying those used Japanese cars and have to go for teen dbbas cz they are atkeast brans other possible way out for a consumer here in Pakistan. Suzuki Honda Toyota they don’t let anyother mufacturer to stay in pak market so they have to run away ..

  13. Asif says

    Paksuzuki should replace the following obsolete cars if it is serious about image improvement which it is not!

    1.Mehran – 1980s design ! (globally obsolete)
    2.Cultus – 1980s design ! (globally obsolete)
    3.Bolan & Ravi – Late 1970s design !!! (globally obsolete)
    4. Swift (globally obsolete since 2010-11)
    5. Kizashi (good car but launched after removed in all other markets)!

    Does this company think Pakistan is a dumping ground for obsolete cars. GOVERNMENT SHOULD FINE THEM FOR PROVIDING OBSOLETE CARS with ZERO SAFETY features !!

  14. heartyboy says

    Vitarra brezza(compact suv) launched in india would have been a much better option under 2.0million rs. in 1600 cc segment.

  15. Usman says

    You just cant blame suzuki for this as Govt is also involved in the existence of these obsolete cars. The amount of taxes they charge on these cars is the reason they are so expensive even being a crap.

  16. Guest says

    Wow now the image is secure .. c’mon Pakwheels

  17. Fahad Rehman says

    its suzui ciatara or

  18. Shurjil Butt says

    Absolutely correct bro !! Suzuki will make the same bullshit announcement as in case of kizashi by putting in a price tag of at least 2.8 Million. I am suspecting 3 Million + and not a single model will be sold due to Q2, used A3, Honda Civic around in same price tag. Unless they put reasonable price of this car e.g. 2.3-2.5 Million given 1.4-1,.6L engine and our stupid taxes, forget sales Suzuki !

  19. Haider Ali Abbasi says

    this Suzuki Car will look like Honda Vezel, or NIssan Juke

  20. Ashraf says

    Yes it’s teen dabba but please consider the people can’t afford a vehicle which is maintaining cost is very low.

    If any product available in the market to meet the pocket of the buyers, this teen dabba will automatically phaseout.

  21. Jugnoo Sheikh says

    Sorry bro, but couldn’t stop laughing. You are absolutely right that this is the dumping ground and what is worst that there are idiots who are buying this car till date not knowing what hazzards they are buying with the car. You are talking about buying a dustbin on wheels for USD 7000.

  22. Dilpazeer Qamar says

    The officials sitting at the helm of affairs are required to revisit the auto policy and open up the market for international manufacturers by minimizing the obstacles, created to stop new manufacturers entering the Pakistani market. Instead of heavily taxing the new product, the government should increase the road taxes, insurance and license fees to generate revenue as in Europe, the old car be taxes heavily as compared to new one to ensure clean environment and like wise….(dilpazeer qamar) dq

  23. Jayy Khan says


  24. Jayy Khan says

    in Pakistan people think about the Resale value. They wanna buy that shit for 6 lack, use it for a couple of years and then sell it for 6 lack.. and guess what. It works. haha

  25. AAJ says

    Government is trying to bring new manufacturers in Pakistan. We knew that Audi will be launching soon but their cars will cost around 2.7 million approx. This is for elite class people. Isn’t It. What about the ordinary people of this nation. Do they have any other option than Mehran etc.
    Can’t Government look for some cheap good quality car making manufacturer to produce cars in Pakistan ? Or is there anyone in our nation to invest in producing cheap cars ? I ask the wealthy people.
    Is there anyone like TATA in India to produce cars for the low income category ? Or there fate is written to buy a bike only ? ? ?

  26. Trax says

    Looking fwd to seeing this vehicle in the dealerships. From a look at Youtube videos from other countries, this should be an interesting competition to Vezel – minus the Hybrid engine.

    Lets see what engine configuration/power did PS select for us….even more important….the price.

  27. traxxx says

    Vitara is sleeker, larger, has better interior and has more engine options compared to the Brezza. Lets see what configuration and price Paksuzuki got for us.

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