5 Easy Steps To Make Your Car Tyres Look Good

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Cleaning your tyres is an easy way to improve your vehicle’s appearance and performance. Clean tyres not only look good, but also help them last longer. It will help you save money in the long-run. Make you keep them clean and shiny. You will be helping yourself by helping your tyres remain clean.

– Make sure you use different bucket of detergent when cleaning your tyres, than what you used for cleaning/washing rest of your car. And also use different brush for scrubbing and a cloth for your wheels. You don’t want the dirt and grease of your wheels to get on your car’s paint.

– After you have washed your tyres with water and detergent, use a tyre cleaning product. There are plenty of cleaners available that are made specifically to clean obtrusive elements from tyres and wheels. Follow the instruction on the cleaning product and apply as instructed. Some are sprays and some are like a cream that you need to apply on tyres thoroughly. Let the cleaning agent do its work while you take break.

– Start scrubbing your tyres. Make sure you scrub and water down each time at a time. Use a brush to get into the grooves and treads of the tyre. Don’t scrub one and start scrubbing the second tyre without rinsing it with water. Make sure you get into the crevices of the wheel where the brake pads are. This area accumulates the most dust from brake pads and is most sensitive to the corrosion that dirty wheels cause. If necessary, rinse and repeat.

– If you plan to wax your wheels, make sure you dry them beforehand with a clean cloth. You will not be able to apply wax on wet wheels. Dry the wheels and apply the wax or the detailing solution to the wheels. Follow the instruction on wax/solution on how to do it properly.

– After wheels, apply the tyre wax to the tyres. Again make sure tyres are clean and dry. Tyre wax not only makes them look good, but also protects the rubber of the tyre. It removes the harmful and corrosive elements from the tyres. Tyre wax also works like a sunblock for the tyres. It blocks the UV light from the sun. UV light is one of the major factors in premature aging and hardening of the tyres

Follow these steps and your car tyres will not only look good, but will also help to prolong their life.



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