5 Performance Issues that Require Throttle Body Cleaning

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The throttle body is a part of your engine that is responsible for balancing the quantity of intake air. Clogged throttle body can be a reason for various performance issues. If you want a smooth drive, a proper mixture of fuel and air should have an ideal ratio. Here are few symptoms that indicate that you have a clogged throttle body:

Engine Check light:

An illuminated engine light check can be quite meaningful for the overhaul performance of your engine. One of the reasons for an illuminated check light can be clogged throttle body. A clogged or choked throttle body does not allow the air to enter in your engine, hence causing a bad mixture of fuel. Other reasons for an illuminated engine check light can be bad fuel injectors, low engine power, low level of engine oil and loss of compression.

Poor acceleration:

Poor acceleration can also be a clear symptom of clogged throttle body. If your throttle body is totally clogged, it will not let the air pass through itself and upon accelerating: you will feel your car stalling. A clogged throttle body may also sometimes lead to a stuck throttle. Furthermore, Lack of acceleration can also be a safety concern on highways especially while overtaking other vehicles.

Low Mileage:

A serious cut in fuel economy can be really annoying especially if you are already driving a high maintenance vehicle. When your car does not maintain an ideal ratio of fuel and air, there can be a serious threat to your car’s kilometers per liter. Apart from clogged throttle body, multiple factors are responsible for decreased fuel economy. Some of them are:
• Excessively worn out engine
• Bad Piston rings
• Low-quality fuel
• Bad Engine oil
• Vigorous acceleration


Engine knocking sounds can be really annoying especially if you are not used to it. One of the reasons for engine knocking can be a clogged air filter and clogged throttle body. A clogged air filter and throttle body do not allow the filtration system of your car to function properly and hence results in rattling sounds. Furthermore, it does not allow the vehicle to idle properly or run smoothly. Other reasons for knocking can be low quality fuel, broken or bad engine mount and low level of engine oil.

Keep in mind:

Excessively clogged throttle body can ultimately damage the structure of throttle body hence making it malfunction. If your throttle body is damaged, it will either be repaired or it will have to be replaced. Otherwise, a thorough throttle body service will be enough to revive the performance of your vehicle.

In case you feel any of the aforementioned symptoms while driving, get your throttle body serviced immediately before it gets damaged and adds to your monthly car maintenance expense.


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