5 Reasons why your car might be vibrating

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Cars do vibrate when you keep them for long enough. Auto problems do surface by the time wear and tear gets on excessive scale. Common problems like vibration can be dealt by a self-diagnosis rather than spending thousands of rupees and hours of wait for a mechanic check-up. Car vibration can be very annoying at times, especially if you haven’t experienced it before. Self-diagnosis can be cheap and easy. Vibrations in cars usually occur when it has completed half of its life. Here we will be discussing most common five reasons that make a car to vibrate.

1. Poor fuel mixture:
Bad quality fuel mixture can be a cause of vibration and knocking. Bad quality mixture carries a low octane rate which causes the engine to struggle while running. You might have noticed that after tank refill from some low quality fuel station, the sound of your engine changes which ultimately results in bad fuel economy and knocking engine.

2. Bad tire Inflation:
Bad tire inflation can also lead to vibration while driving. Remember, in a 2wd ride, tire pressure of rear tires should be greater than the tire pressure of front tires however; the tire pressure of connecting tires should remain equal. Vibration due to bad tire inflation is only experienced when the car is in motion.

3. Worn out engine mount:
Engine mounts are responsible for barring the engine on its frame while trying to prevent maximum movement in any case. Broken or worn out engine mount leads to excessive movement which causes the engine to come in contact with other metal surface while trying to displace itself. This results in clunking and rattling sound with vibration at the time of acceleration and deceleration.

4. Weak Engine that burns oil:
Weak engine that burns oil also vibrate when the engine oil is on top up level. When there is deficiency of oil for the piston rings to be lubricated for smooth running, the engine struggles while making the car to vibrate with jerks. In some cases, using very low viscosity of oil in an old engine also leads to vibration.

5. Weak A/c Compressor:
Weak A/c compressor is a very common cause that makes your car to vibrate. You can practice a simple remedy to check that your car’s A/c compressor has gone weak.

• In a state of motionlessness, turn on the A/c and press the accelerator abruptly to its maximum for less than a second and then let it decelerate, during this process of acceleration and deceleration if you heard a clunking noise or you noticed that your compressor tripped for a while, this concludes that you have a weak compressor. You can further verify this fact by checking the head pressure or back pressure of your car’s compressor using a gauge.

Causes of Vibration can be numerous, like choked throttle body, faulty oxygen sensor, poor wheel balancing and etc. But for time saving self-diagnosis you must keep in account the age of your car coupled with some common reasons mentioned above. Before consulting a mechanic, do check your car for these symptoms.

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  1. Ahmed Hembel says

    What about wheel balancing?

  2. Muhammad Jamal says

    Dirty Throttle also lead to vibration, low pick and high fuel consumption. That is the main cause of vibration in Japanese cars especially Vitz, Premio etc etc.

  3. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says

    Thanks. I needed to read this

  4. Muhammad noman says

    Thanks for initiating this useful discussion. I also face car vibration prob which, however, seems to be weird one. My car vibrates in only first or second gear and at stationary conditions, as car attains speed it’s smooth. Mechanic suggested changing foundation but given car’s mileage of only 60 k, it is unlikely a foundation issue. Also, vibration is not happening always. This Vibration isn’t that severe so I have neglected it so far. Appreciate if somebody shares his thoughts on it

    Note. Car is Mira 2006 model

  5. Zuberi says

    Ur mechanic is right. You should change ur foundation to avoid vibration. Am also experiencing little bit vibration in a 2005 lancer due to bad engine mount. Your car is a jdm import. If u bought it from a dealer then there is a possibility that ur car’s meter is reversed. The original mileage maybe above 100k bt reversed to sell it at a handsome price tag. A common practice of our car dealers. So u should not go with the mileage. Go with the condition of the car and get the engine mounts change asap. Ur car might be jerky while gear shifting as well.

  6. Bilal says

    Worn out Brake Pads is another cause for vibration when brakes are applied.

  7. Ijlal Mujtaba says

    its the mounts, most of the time.

  8. Abul Khair says

    some times faulty coil springs also cause some vibration at the speed of 70 or 80s… that’s also annoy allot

  9. Just asking says

    Any suggestion, santro starts vibrating at 80-90 kmph!

  10. Tariq Aziz says

    Vibration on a particular speed is generally because of any or both of following issues:
    – Wheel Balancing
    – Wheel alignment

    Difference in tyre size or worn out tyres can also cause vibration on high speed.

  11. samia dittu says

    kids playing in the car by jumping up and down like monkeys! 😛

  12. Muhammad Sami Ahmed says

    what about silencer????

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