5 Things Which Makes Your Car Slow Than Fast

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Making their car as fast as possible is one goal, almost every petrolhead strives for, all his life. Which is justified, at least for a person like me. However, there are some hilarious “petrolheads” among us whom we call “ricers.” Now ricers install things that are not even close to parts that are designed to make your cars faster or even better to look at. why would you buy something that gives you no benefit? Like it doesn’t make sense. It’s like eating biryani with naan. Ridiculous, I know. FIVE of these mods are listed below.

Flamboyant Body kits:


Body kits are often installed to change the look of the car, in a good way. Not in an absolutely hilarious way. Despite pretty decent kits being available in market, ricers choose to go for kits that’ll make you nauseous if you look at them. The kit looks like it was built out of Arnold Schwarzenegger biceps. These kits do not make your car look pretty, let alone fast. This actually slows the car down due to high air drag. The sharp edges on the kit contributes to bad mileage even if you’re cruising at about 80 or 90 km/h.

FWD car…… Rear Spoiler!:


Spoiler is the second thing a ricer will go for after installing a body kit. The spoiler will not be, mind you, an ordinary one. The height of the spoiler will be more or less the same as MCB tower and the width extends to around 3 to 4 kilometers and this isn’t the best part. The best part is the spoiler installed at the rear of a front-wheel drive car. That’s right. So what if i have a Front-wheel drive? I need traction at the rear. It helps my car to lift from the front and take-off…………. I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky.

I’m just as blank as you are. I mean, WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT?

Down-pipe/muffler tip:


A ricer is often spotted when a car passes by with a weirdly loud sound of a muffler tip no different than a coke can tail pipe. This doesn’t add any horsepower, for the record; like zero hp gain. Nothing at all. Totally zero. Secondly, fitting an extremely wide downpipe in your Mehran or Khyber won’t make it go faster. The exhaust gases pass through as pulses down the pipe. This pulse has high pressure at the front and low pressure at the back. These changes in pressure help suck other incoming pulses like a vacuum cleaner. Large diameter downpipes on a small engine doesn’t help in generating these pressures.

Aftermarket alloy rims:


Real petrolheads go for light weight alloy rims because “weight reduction, bro.” Ricers tend to go for the most expensive yet the shiniest and the heaviest and the most disco-est alloy rims ever. Wide alloy rims are obviously the heavier alloy rims and it must have skipped your mind that the heavier the wheel, the more power it requires to rotate it. Once set in rotation, the high inertia requires more time to slow down the wheels. This affects mileage or racing. IF you’re racing, that is. So friends please, want to spend on wheels? Go for branded light weight racing alloys.

Cold Air Intake kit next to Exhaust manifold:

A cold air intake kit is an aftermarket kit that is designed to supply the engine with cooler air. It is designed to keep the air turbulence as low as possible and provides a more direct route to the air by shortening the lengths of pipes and keeping curves minimum. Ricers choose to buy a cold air intake kit and place it right next to the exhaust manifold. When the air comes in, the heat from the headers cause the air temperature to rise and hence expand. This completely eliminates the actual purpose of the cold air intake. So you just spent a decent amount of money on……..nothing.

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  1. Guest says

    Interesting writing style. Fluid.

  2. Abdul Hannan says

    Hahaha and ridiculous wide tyres and negative cambers……and stickers of different brands and smoking rear lights so no one can see it 😀

  3. Ali says

    Seriously, I’ve seen noobs trying to drift stock FWDs D:. I wanted to kill myself.

  4. Mashood Anwar says

    So you want to say that use of intake and exhaust are useless?

  5. Haroon Iftikhar says

    No sir….. that is not at all what the writer means to say…. All he says is that installing a loud muffler tip or tailpipe gives no hp gain… and that if you want to add a cool air intake, install it with the entire kit which has insulation… that is all the writer wants to say….

  6. Azeem Chaudhry says

    Heavier rims dont really affect performance that much. The force required to overcome friction is much higher than the force needed to turn a heavier rim. Heavier rims are bad for the suspension. Its called “unsprung weight”.

  7. Haroon Iftikhar says

    I think you have some concept problems sir….. Now that you know what unsprung weight is, you should also know this… and i am not making this thing up as you might say i am wrong about it but i am quoting this from a reliable source… please read this……

    Reducing unsprung weight is the key to improving handling. The lower the unsprung weight, the less work the shocks and springs have to do to keep the tires in contact with the road over bumpy surfaces. Lot of problems, if not all of them is caused by inertia. Bigger weight means higher inertia. Higher inertia means more workload for shocks and springs to keep tiers on the ground. If unsprung components have a high mass they are harder to accelerate/decelerate and thus it is more difficult for the suspension to maintain a consistent tire load. If wheels are heavier than stock, you will notice the car feel slower off the line due to added rotational weight.

    More weight = more work to put an object in motion….. Force = Mu x Reaction force….. simple math… work it out

  8. Azeem Chaudhry says

    i think you only know the basic concept from a google search, and no further.

    The rotational mass comes into play when accelerating from a dead stop, or braking to a stop.

    Once the car achieves any speed, the forces of friction (rolling resistance) are much much greater to overcome than that of rotational mass. The major benefit of lighter rims is suspension = handling.

    If the car feels slower with aftermarket rims, its because the tires are of wider width than stock.

    If we were talking about a fans rotational mass, youd be correct, as thats the only force the motor needs to overcome. But when it comes to cars…the tires, tire width and compound comes into play.

  9. Sultan Lashari says

    Okay then.. Someone as an overdose of Google and is talking crap that doesn’t even exist here in Pakistan.

    How many of these so called tall spoilers do u see here? these so called ricers get downpipping with their exhaust and hence this actually adds to the cars.
    As for allow rims, the purpose of it being an Alloy is that they are meant to weight less than stock, and have more space for air to go through, which adds to the cooling and grip. those who put them for the purpose of looks, dont care about performance anyway..

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