This Will Be Suzuki Baleno In 2017

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Suzuki has decided that the old Baleno needs a successor and so they chose to name the IK-2 concept launched at Geneva Motor Show, as Baleno. It doesn’t look anything like its predecessor; which is a good thing I suppose but it does look incredibly beautiful and will be among the hot hatches currently on the roads of Pakistan. You heard that right. Its a hatchback but don’t be fooled. It is quite spacious.

suzuki-ik-2-concept-04-1 suzuki-ik-2-concept-02-1

Suzuki plans to power the car with a 1000 cc BOOSTERJET direct injection turbocharged petrol engine which will be fuel efficient or another naturally aspirated 1200 cc engine. The mid-size hatchback is pretty decent to look at. There is a stylish trim stretching from the front to the rear fender. The curves are smooth and the car looks like its aerodynamics were designed in a wind tunnel (maybe they were).

suzuki-ik-2-concept-01-1 suzuki-ik-2-concept-03-1

suzuki-ik-2-concept-06-1 suzuki-ik-2-concept-05-1

The Baleno doesn’t look Suzuki-ish as we are not much used to expecting the company to make hot looking cars. The car is expected to have Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs), projector headlamps, floating roofline and rear LED taillamp cluster. Further details will be disclosed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a conference on 15th September, where the production version will probably be revealed. Production is expected to start in mid 2016.

suzuki-ik-2-concept-09-1 suzuki-ik-2-concept-10-1

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  1. Rosh says

    well this car can help suzuki in avoiding its eminent extinction from Pak market but if and only if this car replace Cultus and in same price. otherwise with all our prayers notorious suzuki will be out of this beautiful country sooner rather than later.

  2. rkk says

    Its never coming to pakistan thats for sure. This kind of quality doesnt even come in our hondas and toyotas, suzuki tou duur kee baat hai. Its time that suzuki packs its bags and goes out of Pakistan.

  3. Shahid Mehmood says

    you both are right but its Pakistan and Pakistani awam, where they are comparing performance of Suzuki Mehran with Toyota Vitz 😛 and Carry Dabba with XLi

  4. Ali says

    Yeah lol exactly. They love Mehran, it ain’t going nowhere soon.

  5. Ahtasham says

    People like Sedan cars, not hatchback!

  6. Aam Insaan says

    Only useful if the prices are reasonable….. unlike their previous fail.

  7. Usman says

    In Europe sedans have almost failed compared to hatchbacks! Also in Australia hatches and SUV,s have snatched market from sedans. It’s only in Pakistan that sedans are considered status symbols!!

  8. Shahmir says

    hmm maybe because after CNG cylinder sedan has still some trunk space left.

  9. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    their hatches are based on adding interior space over boot of a sedan rather than removing boot altogether.

  10. Zaeem Akhtar says

    Don’t know about anyone else but rear look not good.

  11. Muhammad Yasir says

    when are CHEAP electric cars , esp those MINI two seaters , coming to Pakistan ??????

  12. Qasim57 says

    The strong dollar and weak Pak Rupee plays havoc with the Pakistani car industry.

    Our incompetent assemblers are never keen on introducing new models – normally it takes them a couple of years to do so, by which time the model is already obsolete abroad.

    I guess we can expect this car in Pak around maybe 2020? Or is that too soon.

  13. Ahmed Hembel says

    People don’t like sedans. Actually, people here like nothing. They just go after value for money. A typical Pakistani, when it comes to liking a car and value for money, will always go after value for money. Since sedans appear bigger to them having a boot, they say it’s a “dikki aali gaddi” so it must be bigger and better than every other thing. And that way of thinking is sh** if you realize that a hatchback version of a sedan has actually more covered space than the sedan itself, and it is more practical.

  14. Ahmed Hembel says

    The only way it would be priced same as cultus is that PakSuzuki offers it without an engine 🙂

  15. Ahmed Hembel says

    Bhai ghar me bijli aati ni aap EVs ki baat kr re o?

  16. Muhammad Yasir says

    im not talking about bringing it all around the country …
    cities which suffer from total 18-20 hour black outs , mostly in regional Sindh and Punjab region , may be excluded atm but big cities like Islamabad , Lahore , Karachi , Pindi , Hyderabad , Peshawar , Quetta and many more should have those smart for two’s even if in limited quantities. Pak is going to need those sooner rather than later … esp with the influx of the technology age and the increase in the necessity for students to own personal transport , one which is way more safer than a motor bike.

    i’d personally love one and i don’t know who wouldnt.

    as for the electricity problem … the govt can use solar powered Re-Charge stations for the minis if people go short on charge mid-way or forget to charge them at home …

    its not a bad idea if you thoroughly look at it

  17. Ahmed Hembel says

    I like the way you think brother. Specially that replacing the motorbike thing. Have you seen the renault twizy?

  18. Muhammad Yasir says

    Glad to meet a think-alike 🙂

    Its a general but rather poorly known impression that motorbikes are very very dangerous regarding human safety , especially on high-speed roads , where there is almost no opportunity for a fallen rider to recover in event of being non-fatally dislodged from the two wheeler upon collision. Usually it doesn’t come to that , as the actual fall is normally fatal or at least causes deep lying , permanent injuries.

    It is , of course , going to take some time and a massive effort to introduce two seater minis here , especially considering their sole source of power being electricity and setting up the charging stations. not to mention the cost of the actual car , which will have to be sincerely subsidized by a considerate government (if we manage to have one :p).

    but the overall prospect is quite fun , productive and highly promising. Just imaging owning a mini and you won’t have to go far to think about all the advantages…

    As for the Twizy , i havent noticed it much , uptill the time u mentioned it. I was initially inspired by the ORIGINAL smart fortwo in the pink panther films

    The Mitsubishi , although a 4-seater , was also quite appealing. I dare say ,i’m a big BIG fan of the santro style rear lights being on top.

    Apparently an electric car was supposedly coming to pak , namely Chevorlet Spark , but you know how things are here … and i havent heard of it ever since reading a tentative article on pro pakistani…

    i hope the general public and the automotive industry gets some sense knocked in themselves and realise the potential these two-seaters can have on the local dynamic.

  19. syed naveed hyder says

    Ahmed hembel is right if this car on reasonable price like as cultus then this will be success of ur car if u think u will sell it and campare with toyota or honda price then i m sure this will be fail like liana . Coz mostly persons like dikki wali car from back is like vitz car.

  20. mani says

    suzuki launched mehran in 1989 and my cousin born in 1989 has two sons aging 3 and 1 year ………………. 🙂

  21. mani says

    well said

  22. Khurram says

    beautiful but its price must be reasonable coz Suzuki = reasonable price our thinking by at large

  23. Daniyal Mushtaq says

    when is this launching in Pakistan?

  24. Mian Hamid Ali says

    PAK Suzuki need to tell us the final date of launching in Pakistan, other wise don’t play with us by showing these super photos 🙂

  25. Salman says

    When its launching in pakistan tell us the final date please m requesting to admin

  26. Indian says

    My dear paki brothers,
    This model of Baleno is being manufactured by Suzuki India and is exported to 100 countries including Japan. I highly doubt if this model will ever exported to pak due to corrupt policies of your govt. I assume if pak gives India most favored nation, pak can get Baleno. BTW, I’ve Baleno CVT and it’s a superb car.

  27. ali says

    Never brother never ever

  28. k says

    we don’t need , take beleno into your ass

  29. ASAD SHAHZAD says

    I would like to Buy that Car.

  30. Sami Khan says

    Yep… Because we are now used to driving chakra and crappy local cars, made with only one thing in mind; maximum profit and least cost…!

  31. Imran Qur says

    Hi sir Kia ap Suzuki baleno ki prise bta skty ha.2017 r 18

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