5 Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

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How much is petrol at that station? What does that billboard say? Check out that newly opened store! Wow look at that exotic car! The road undoubtedly comes with a plethora of its own distractions and multi-tasking while driving makes a person further vulnerable to accidents. According to many researches and surveys held across the globe, distracted driving has remained one of the primary factors in accidents and is considered as a leading cause of death, especially among the young drivers these days. The proliferation of smartphones in the modern day has added yet another level of danger while driving. In order to make sure that your hands stay on the steering wheel and your eyes and mind on the road, it is important to keep in mind some really important things.

Parting ways with the smartphone

The first step is to put all distracting objects and subjects away when driving. As mentioned above, a smartphone is the biggest distractor so the best idea is to either put it in the glove compartment or put it on silent while you drive. There’s no call, text message or social media notification which is more important than your life. According to a recent survey, it has been found that majority of the drivers use smartphones readily while they are behind the steering wheel. If you have serious trouble parting from your phone, you may download one of the many apps that prevent or incentivize you from texting or talking when behind the wheel.

Choosing audio entertainment wisely

Many of us may not know but music can also be a source of distraction when driving, if it’s too loud or the content too stimulating. According to a research, stimulating content causes your mind to wander from the task at hand. So, while you choose your car’s audio entertainment system, it is important to keep in mind that it’s supposed to serve only as background noise. The road always has to be your main focus.

Avoiding heated discussion when driving

Heated discussions or arguments greatly distract a driver’s attention. Besides, if you are stressed out or ill, you should avoid driving and opt for a cab service instead. Always remember that your car is not a place to handle important matters that will distract you mentally, physically or emotionally from driving. If the issue at hand requires immediate attention while you are on the move, it’s wise to pull off the road into a safe location

Hitting the road prepared

It should be noted that eating or grooming are supposed to take place when at home and not while driving. The right and ethical way is to hit the road fully prepared, giving yourself sufficient time to shave, apply makeup, eat and dress up. Since it is a common practice to eat in the car after ordering from drive-thru, you should pull over and park in a safe spot to enjoy your meal.

Being a proactive passenger

Finally, if you are not a driver but a passenger, it is important that you speak up if you driver is distracted. Being a passenger, you are essentially placing your life in the driver’s hands. If at any moment you feel that the driver is endangering your safety, don’t hesitate speaking up, or it can be too late.


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