5 Expected Upcoming Pickups and SUVs In Pakistan!

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Just about last week I came across a muscular and sparkling new pickup truck parked near Wapda Town Lahore. At first, I wasn’t able to recognize it. However, when I saw the rear it clearly had a “Wingle” badge. It was exciting to see a different yet attractive pickup truck other than the common Toyota Hilux. Since it’s not confirmed whether it was there for testing or someone imported it for self-use, but the good news is that a number of SUV/Pickups are planned to be launched here in Pakistan as their market still holds strong as many people buy the imported ones at a much higher price than the regular. What new SUV/Pickups are expected in Pakistan? Let’s kick things off with the Toyota Fortuner Diesel.

  • Toyota Fortuner Diesel

Although the petrol version of the Fortuner is available in Pakistan for a couple of years now, sources claim that Toyota Indus is interested in launching the diesel version of the SUV somewhere next year. While in international market there is a choice between a 2.4L, 2.8L or a 3.0L liter diesel but we are quite positive that Indus motors will release the 2.8L engine instead of the 3.0L. Which is a good thing actually as the 2.8L engine outputs 176HP along with 420N.m of torque at 1400-2600rpm which is more than the other two engines. In comparison, the 2.7L petrol engine is capable of 160hp and 256N.m of torque. This means the diesel version will be able to carry more weight and have the better off-road capability. So if the petrol variant seemed underpowered then there you have it. Things are about to change.

But if you are looking for a proper 7-seater, the Fortuner can get a little crampy in the rear. Also, the diesel engine does come with its inherent noise and vibrations which some do not like.

  • Volkswagen Amarok

When it comes to pickup trucks, Volkswagen doesn’t really come to mind, but Amarok is a perfectly capable pickup for day to day task of carrying stuff over. Yes, it isn’t really designed to match Hilux in terms of off-roading ability nor the toughness but it targets families who are looking for a big vehicle to suit their family needs, and they want to do it in style. Amarok looks not only good but also feels good on the inside. Volkswagen is the parent brand of Audi, so their cars also give a more premium feel in terms of material feel and quality. VW cars also share their platforms with Audi’s so there is a strong chance that this pickup might share its platform with the Audi Q5 or Q7 (Volkswagen hasn’t disclosed the platform for Amarok. So this is just an assumption). When it comes to engine choices, this pickup comes with three engines. Two 2.0L petrol and one 3.0L diesel. Though the 3.0L V6 diesel is the most loved engine for Amarok as it has better output and an overdrive system which can boost the engine power when needed. However, due to higher taxation system in Pakistan chances are more in favour of 2.0L petrol/diesel engine.

However, Amarok is smaller than other SUV’s. While it sure has a huge rear luggage compartment but that comes at the expense of cabin room. So taller passengers at the back seat might feel a little unconformable due to cramped leg space.

  • Isuzu D-Max

Most people might think Isuzu D-max as a cheap and unreliable pickup and won’t consider buying one. But guess what Isuzu D-Max shares its ladder chassis platform, body construction, mechanical componentry and interior design (dash, center stack, steering wheel and doors) with the 2013 North American Chevrolet Colorado. Which is a massive compliment because General Motors has been known to produce one of the most popular pickups on the planet. In fact in some countries, D-Max is sold under the Chevrolet badge.

D-Max is a well-equipped vehicle too and comes with a Flex-Ride suspension which guarantees a compliant ride on the road. When it comes to engine, there are quite a lot of options here. However, there is no hint on which version will be introduced in Pakistan. We think 2.4L petrol is the one with the highest chance.

Numerous reviews have indicated that the cab’s rear section is typically cramped, and when sitting in a rear seat, a passenger will only have 35 inches of legroom. Additionally, the cab’s rear only provides 38.3 inches of headroom.

  • Renault Duster

The Duster is the signature model for Renault which was introduced in 2009, and since then it has pretty much dominated every market it has been introduced. No, it isn’t very posh, nor it has best in class off-roading capability. Then what has made Duster a worth SUV? Actually, Duster falls into the sweet spot of practicality and price. Duster is also big enough to accommodate five adults with ease and possess a decent boot for all your luggage. Then comes the base price which is a staggeringly low 9,500 GBP (14 Lakh PKR). Which is cheaper than most hatchbacks. Whereas being realistic for the market dynamics in Pakistan expect it to be somewhere in early 20’s. Believe me; it will still be a steal. Though keep in mind Duster is an entry-level family SUV not designed to take on off-road even in your thoughts. It sure has a decent ground clearance but not the power or equipment to back it up. Since we are on the topic of power, Duster has many engine option ranging from a 1.2L Turbo all the way up to 2.0L naturally aspirated engine. However, Renault has not disclosed any information on which engine will make it to Pakistan.

But you do not get decent off-road capabilities, and interior materials might feel cheap with almost no soft-touch materials for the base models.

  • KIA Sportage

While KIA Sportage (1st generation) has been on Pakistani roads even today after 17 years of release. However, this Korean legend is set to return back to Pakistan. KIA has grown quite a lot over this period of time, and their vehicles have secured a respectable place in the auto industry throughout the world. KIA is so confident about its cars that all its cars come with best in class 7-year/100,000 miles warranty.

New Sportage has received a complete redesign in 2016, and it has become one of the most head-turning compact SUVs on the planet. Critics around the world have pointed out the brave design, amazing built and host of features present in this vehicle as standard. It is big enough to accommodate five adults and their luggage easily as it has best in segment rear passenger space and boot. The ride is very good making it an excellent choice for families looking for a comfortable family vehicle for long trips. With all the emphasis put on the word “family,” you will also be pleased to know about the top pick safety ratings awarded to this vehicle by IIHS. Keep all this in one place, and you have yourself one of the greatest vehicles money can buy today. Lastly, the engine choice is also where this vehicle shines as you get a choice between petrol, diesel, and two turbocharged engines. But since we have to keep Pakistan in mind so the base 1.6L petrol might be the one we will get, though it will be sweet if KIA decides to bring the 1.6 Turbo along.

The design is a little unconventional which might not rock everyone’s boat and fuel economy isn’t very good.

Which of these will become an instant hit, and which one will be a complete miss? Let us know in the comment section below.

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1 Comment
  1. Azam Majeed says

    some body missed hyondai???

  2. Mohammad Zeeshan Fahd says

    definetly tuscon and cereta are also worth mentioning

  3. MySchizoBuddy says

    Amarok is dead on arrival. I don’t see a market for Amarok. Kia and Hyundai both will be successful in Pakistan. Renault has no brand recognition in Pakistan.

  4. MySchizoBuddy says

    My choices are Kia sportage and Hyundai Creta. Both are good and realistic chance of success in Pakistan. Rest are just wishful thinking

  5. Awais Yousaf says

    Yes Sir you are very right. Due to my negligence the Hyundai Tuscon didn’t make it to the list. Apologize for the mistake.

  6. Waleed Ahmed says

    One of the most authentic reason of failure of VW Amarok is that it’s almost 8-Years old & Pakistani market already have a Latest Gen. Hilux model, Only VW fanboys will buy it.

  7. Waleed Ahmed says

    Duster (Almost a Decade Old)
    Amarok (8 Years Old)
    D-Max (7 years Old)

    Yay!!! I am soo excited that it’s soo convenient for international brands to launch years old model in my country!! GREAT!!

    The only exciting SUVs that can be excited about is Sportage or Tucson.

    BTW! It’s Tucson, not Tu’s’con!!

  8. Waleed Ahmed says

    (but “”Armouk??”” is a perfectly capable)
    It’s AMAROK

    Jeez, who approves these articles??? There’s a thing called proof reading! Some standard! hanh!!?

  9. Awais Yousaf says

    calm down man. Its an honest mistake which got over looked.

  10. Awais Yousaf says

    Bhai tu ap kya chatey hu? Mercedes pickup aur Tundra 2017 release krdein? Have patience it will take time.

  11. Mr. Viscous says

    according to the picture in an advertisment in todays dawn newspaper, Hyundai will launch the Santa Fe instead of tucson.
    The rest of the lineup includes Accent, Elantra, a people carrier (dabba) and a shehzore type truck.

  12. Mr. Viscous says

    according to the picture in an advertisment in todays dawn newspaper, Hyundai will launch the Santa Fe instead of tucson.
    The rest of the lineup includes Accent, Elantra, a people carrier (dabba) and a shehzore type truck.


  13. Guest says

    You must be feeling great after correcting people on the internet all day!
    pat yourself on the shoulder, job well done.

  14. Khurram says

    I am really surprised, a correcting man like you does not even know that the SUVs’ and other vehicles of this type have a model life ranging for a period of 15 to 20 years. So, apparently we shall be getting a model which is being sold globally thereby, enabling people like you to choose a pick-up model which is driven by rest of the world.

    Great info Awais bhai, I would like you to give me an opinion on the pick-up that is the best mix of both characteristics; off-road as well as comfort. Although I know what my choice shall be but, still there is no harm in hearing what a professional has to say, thanks.

  15. Khurram says

    Sportage? One that failed in the Balochistan? Its expensive to maintain suspension set-up made it a difficult to chew cake in Sind and Balochistan.

  16. MySchizoBuddy says

    you are talking about a 17 year model. Kia has come long way since then.

  17. Awais Yousaf says

    Brother unfortunately i haven’t got a chance to experience any pickup truck other than the Vigo and Revo but since you are looking for a reasonably comfortable and off-roaders then Amarok will surely be a good option as its more comfortable then the Revo(saying on the basis of reviews i saw) but the rear passenger space is less so keep that in mind too.

  18. Awais Yousaf says

    Every model has its ups and downs however the new one has been loved so much all around the world so be optimistic that it will surely satisfy its customers in Pakistan

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