5 simple winter tips for your car

The car is a huge investment, and people always try to maintain it as best as they can from the engine to tires. They use different techniques and products to expand its life expectancy. Similarly, we at PakWheels try to provide simple and necessary information for car enthusiasts so that they maintain their car easily and without any hassle. And with the same approach, in this article, we will tell you about how to maintain a car in winter. Many of might know what we will be discussing, but it would be fruitful for tyros.

  • Antifreeze:

The first and foremost thing one should always keep in mind is to use antifreeze in winters. It is observed that people don’t use antifreeze in winters and face problems. The coolant gets frozen in the radiator if there is no antifreeze present in it. Antifreeze is an additive which lowers the freezing point of liquids. So always remember to use quality antifreeze in winter.Antifreeze_in_the_radiator


  • Maintain tire pressure:

Other than using antifreeze, always remember to maintain tire pressure in winter according to manufacturer’ s recommendation. The tire in winter contracts and as a result air molecules also contracts. It is to be noted here that for every 5-degree centigrade drop in temperature, the tire pressure decreases almost 1 pound per square inch. Furthermore, use winter tires instead of all-season and summer tires in winter.Winter tyre and summer tyreWinter tyre tips featured

  • Always use windshield wiper fluid:

winter-windshield-washer-fluidOne of the most important thing which people forget to do in winters is to change the windshield wiper fluid with winter windshield washer fluid. Normal fluid works well in all seasons except for winter. The winter fluid helps clear ice from the windshield as it doesn’t freeze in winters.



  • Change to winter-grade oil:

Remember to switch to winter-grade oil in the winter season. Because the colder the weather, the thinner oil should be used in the engine. If you are using 10W-30 oil normally than in winter change it to 5W-30, it will be good for the engine performance in winter.


  • Remember to check the battery:

Winter is very hard on the battery of any vehicle. Cold temperature reduces the cranking power of the battery, and if the temperature falls at 0-degree centigrade the battery then only has half of its cranking power left. So that is why remember to check the battery, remove its caps and check the fluid level and if it is low then add distilled water.

Check battery water

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