7 Key Factors To Consider When Buying A New Car!

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When looking for a new car, the world is your oyster. Every car in each automaker’s lineup is accessible for your scrutiny. You can purchase a fully loaded minivan for those big family vacations, a sleek new sports car, or a stripped-down compact for your new college graduate. The sky is quite seriously the limit.

Purchasing a car can create a wide range of feelings, and fear is certainly close to the highest priority on the list. Consider these 7 tips whenever you’re in the market for a new or used car, so you get the best car at the best cost.


The initial step towards purchasing a car is settling on the financial plan. Once the budget is chosen, the advance amount should be worked out as per the needs. A majority of customers just work on the initial installment in their financial plan and ignore the running expense of the car. One should definitely consider the maintenance and fuel costs while figuring the financial plan. For instance, if you have a budget of 10 lakhs, spend 9 lakh on the car and keep the remaining 1 lakh for registration and insurance.

Time Duration:

The projected length of ownership may have an immense bearing on what sort of vehicle you will buy. Customers are keeping their cars longer than they used to, so make sure to do your research on quality evaluations and long term ownership experiences. Only if you are going to keep the car for a long period of time then invest a lot of money otherwise it is not wise to spend money and then try to sell the car after two or three months.


Make a list of requirements, for example, seating and capacity limit, mechanical or execution details, and additionally any extraordinary requirement like height restrictions, towing limits, and fuel mileage to enable narrow it to down.

Following stage, the list you want like the upgraded sound system, sunroof, and so on.

Wants are related to a variety of factors, including:

  • Styling
  • Image
  • Color
  • Reliability
  • Fuel Economy
  • Safety
  • Technology
  • Conveniences
  • Comfort
  • Capacity

Just as different people have different needs for a new car, we also have different wants. No wonder, then, that there are so many makes and models from which we can choose. For instance, in Pakistan, where you have a lot of traffic and parking issues, go for compact cars.

Recon Work:

Once you know what you need, and once you know what you want, it is time to conduct the research necessary to find the right new vehicle.

At this point, it is also time to visit dealerships and to conduct test drives. This is your chance to evaluate acceleration, ride, and handling properties, to determine comfort levels, to use the in-vehicle technology, and to see the car up close and in person, in natural light, and in various paint color choices.

Only after you’ve determined your budget, evaluated your needs, established your wants, conducted thorough research, and taken test drives can you make the best possible decision on a new car.


Once the financial plan and the segment are chosen, what stays to be done is focusing down on the model. Five best alternatives should be shortlisted and looked at. Components like the energy capacity, mileage, driving comfort, and rear-seat travelers’ comfort, security highlights, and the suspension should be completely examined.

Ownership costs:

When purchasing a car, numerous customers decide the esteem that a vehicle offers by contrasting the price versus the features and advantages. For instance, if one car costs a bit more, however, it has better mileage and more cargo room than most would look at that as a good value. Based solely in light of that criteria, they would be right. Notwithstanding, most customers don’t consider every one of the costs that go into a vehicle. The diverse variables, including cost depreciation, financing costs, repairs, maintenance, fuel, and insurance.

While considering all these issues, you also need to keep in mind the token amount for the cars.

Fuel Economy:

People nowadays really want to maximize fuel economy. Do analyze how often will you drive the car. Also, do check the mileage of the car before buying.

Take your time when shopping for a new car. Visit more than once and thoroughly research the vehicle prior to committing to the purchase.

New Car buying quick checklist:

  • Identify needs
  • Decide Budget
  • Research Cars
  • Inspect Cars
  • Think twice before buying!


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