Do you fear driving on wet roads? Follow these 7 simple tips to ensure safety

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Monsoon is upon us, so expect heavy rainfall throughout the season. In this particular write-up, we will be telling you guys how to drive on wet roads. In monsoon rate of accidents increases because people drive rashly, without taking precautions and safety measures. Driving a car or a bike through the rain and on wet roads is not rocket science. Just follow the below-mentioned basic driving principles, and be assured that you will not land into any kind of problem.

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  • Due to water, the normal tire cannot grip the surface of the road, which causes the car to slip, leading to serious injuries and even worse. So, always remember to never apply brakes harshly while driving at high speed. For bike users, the risk is even greater, so it is advised not to exceed 50 Km/h speed during rainfall.
  • Use all-season tires in the monsoon for better grip as it repels water from the tire.
  • Never floor the accelerator too much in wet conditions. According to experts, reduce 16 km/h for each degree the speed of the windshield wiper is increased. 
  • Before going out to drive the car in the rain, check whether the headlights, brake lights and windshield wipers are working properly, as they will be of great help in rains.
  • Always keep a fair amount of distance from other vehicles, while driving your way through a wet road. This simple and basic tip will keep you away from unfortunate accidents.
  • Keep headlights on while it is raining, as it will help other drivers to detect your vehicle more easily. Moreover, reducing the speed while driving in the rain can help control the hydroplaning effect.
  • Avoid sharp turns on wet roads to avoid getting into trouble.

Many of you will know these tips already. However, it is being shared for all the newcomers, who have not yet experienced driving in wet conditions. If you guys have any simple tip regarding how to drive in wet conditions, please mention them in the comments section below.

Drive safely!

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