A Range Rover covered in actual coins

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Even if someone had covered a car with worthless coins like ours, the sheer attempt towards sticking thousands of coins to cover the art could’ve added some net worth to the coins but here we are talking about a Range Rover covered in coins whose currency is not in tatters as ours.

The entire job of fixing coins on the Range Rover was performed by a company called ‘Coins Car’ whereas the coins were from mostly, oil-rich nations from Middle east which includes, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

A total of 57,412 coins were used to cover the entire vehicle which is one of the biggest cars that you can buy from a dealership today.

After the flag markers, United Arab Emirates’ coins got the most area on the SUV.

Click on the images for larger view.

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  1. Zarak Dyer says

    Saudi arabs are so stupid.They love destroying perfect vehicles and spending on useless stuff.

  2. Ahsan Mahmood says

    I have seen live this coins car Middle East Motor Tuning Show…

  3. Ali Ahmed says

    Inhain samajh ni aati ke paisa lagain kahan..

  4. Farhan Saleem says

    nyc look…..nd diffrint look.

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