Toyota GT-86 Sedan and Shooting Brake variant rendered

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Ever since Toyota’s product chief revealed Toyota’s plans to expand the GT-86 brand name into a whole range of cars destined towards enthusiasts, like me, many have been telling about the problem of sleepless nights, in hope that a sedan or even the coupe might come to Pakistan. Nonetheless, whether it comes here or not, we sure would like to see the present visiting the golden past days of AE86 Corolla which left a heavily expanding cult behind.

Enthusiasts with the skill of photoshop and designing have been taking to boards how might a possible Shooting Brake and a Sedan GT-86 would look like if ever it happened which the whole automotive world is certain, that it will happen.

The renderings provided by our friends over at picture the Scion FR-S as a sedan and an estate for the 2019 model year, with the source explaining that “if it ever does hit the market, we wouldn’t expect to see it for at least five years.”


Now if only Toyota and Indus Motors would take a look at these renderings and have a second though about signling a positive nod to Tada’s idea. It might be the key to great new success and more importantly, Indus Motors should get rid of the Corolla Altis altogether and instead, bring the GT-86 here as sales of RX8 showed the potential in affordable sports car market. Those we XLi and City’s sales that RX8 took away didn’t it?!


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