A Reality Check on Suzuki Vitara

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Today’s world of fast paced and smart living requires an efficient medium of transportation to produce maximum productivity at a minimum cost. Naturally, this attributes to the requirement of an intelligent infrastructure, but more than that it requires an economical, efficient and safe vehicle. Now if somebody would have gone through the options available, a couple of decades back, then the choice would have been a sedan. However, in the modern world of robustness, consumers require a multi-purpose solution.


The desire for distinction draws consumers to opt for an SUV.

Alright, but how does a Crossover fit into this picture?

In comes the solution, a crossover. Auto-manufacturers all over the globe has conformed to this classification to consolidate the idea of a hatchback and strong components of an SUV. The world thus has seen an explosion in the sales of these crossovers.

Suzuki is primarily conceived as a ‘Small Car Manufacturer’, globally. However, the company has a wide variety 4×4’s to offer. Additionally, the company also produced the world’s first crossover named ‘Vitara’ in 1988. However, due to lack of consumer response, the automotive giant upgraded to end up distinctly an adult SUV in its second and third eras last of which was later discontinued in 2005. With market analyst predicting the shift in human behaviour, the consumer demand evolved to a more multi-purpose vehicle. And thus the fourth era Vitara was divulged in Paris Motor Show in 2014 as a crossover. Joining the smoothness in an in vogue present day outline with the strength of an SUV the Vitara won hearts for its plan while moving numerous with its aggressive element bundle. The vehicle has won quite a number of awards and recognition at various platforms:

  • Car of the Year – 2016 (Best Small SUV) by WhatCar (2016)
  • Best Ultra light tow car at Tow Car Awards (2016)
  • Car of the Year & Most Popular Crossover at Honest John Awards (2016)
  • Best Compact Crossover by Sunday Times (2016)
  • Best City SUV by Drive (2015)
  • (Finalist) New Zealand Car of the Year at New Zealand Automotive Association and New Zealand Motoring Writer’s Guild (2016)
  • (Finalist) Car of the Year at AA Motoring People’s Choice (2016)

Tell me something more about Vitara that was launched in Pakistan!

Regarding local context, Pak-Suzuki has launched two variants

  • GL+ (Priced @ PKR 3.49 Million)
  • GLX (Priced @ PKR 3.79 Million)


With naturally aspirated 1.6 L engine, which can deliver 118bhp at 6000 RPM. This may not sound much. However, the unique selling point is the car’s weight. Weighing in at 1185 KG, Vitara is one lightest suvs in the world. This permits it to deliver this power in a more dramatic fashion. The car’s power to weight proportion stands at 104 BHP/tonne.

What is its standard equipment?

As far as the features are concerned, the Vitara comes standard with multifunction steering wheel, which offers functions such as Cruise and Audio control. The six-speed Automatic transmission is empowered with a manual mode, which permits the driver to have the manual changing sensation with the paddle shifters placed strategically behind the steering wheel. The information demonstrates the economy, mileage and important security notifications. The center console features a climate control. More importantly, the car features programmable headlamps and wipers for driver’s benefit.

A Unique part of Vitara is its infotainment framework. The infotainment framework highlights 10.1-inch touch screen with Android OS. The framework additionally can associate with client’s cell phone utilising Bluetooth and mirror interface.

Vitara chassis is designed and developed by joining high ductile steel for traveller lodge security with sagaciously planned fold zones that empowers upgraded incidental security for the inhabitants. The vehicle structure as well as the safety of 7-SRS airbags alongside safety belts having ELR and pre-tensioners guarantee, manage to alleviate any fears, which should be aimed pre, post and during an accident. Concerning dynamics and stability the vehicle features a state of the art ESP. The ABS combined with EBD guarantees abnormal amounts of braking execution.


It includes features like ‘Hill Road’ and ‘Slope Plummet’, which make the vehicle controllable on uneven terrains. Likewise, the presence of Bi-LED projection headlamps provides ample amount of controlled light on both low and high beams to illuminate the road in a controlled manner.

In addition to all the features, Suzuki Vitara has bagged the following safety ratings:

  • 5 Star rating at Euro-NCAP
  • 5 Star rating at ANCAP

The most one of a kind component of Vitara is its 4WD capacity. The indigenous “All Grip” work joins four driving modes which have been fused to allow the driver, more control of the vehicle on all territories and driving conditions. The Vehicle’s onboard computer naturally switches somewhere around 2WD and 4WD to provide maximum performance with efficiency, depending on the conditions and track conditions. Other driving modes including Sports mode, which encourages forceful driving and moving from the driver, while Snow mode compliments the driver by providing much-needed traction on tricky surfaces.

Final Thoughts:

If compared with its competitors, the company is proclaiming that Vitara offers more value for consumers’ money, which implies more intelligent structural rigidity and cleverly engineered for safety and more standard equipment for customer’s benefit. It is quite clear that Pak-Suzuki invested a lot of energies in the launch of this new vehicle in Pakistan. However, the vehicle is yet to be tested in local conditions to come up with a reliable comparison on both its performance and people’s opinion of it. Thus we will have to wait and see, whether Suzuki Vitara is a game changer or not!


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  1. Guest says

    “…Pak-Suzuki invested a lot of energies in the launch of this new vehicle…”

    How come? There is no R&D, no nothing, just import and sell.

  2. traxmaker says

    AED 62000 – 67000 (2WD GLX)
    AED 72000 – 72500 (4WD GLX)
    AED 81000 – 81500 (4WD GLX+)

    These are the prices in UAE. At a conversion rate of 29….AED 81500(top version)= PKR 2,363,500. Keeping 30% duty this becomes Pkr 3,072,550. So how much did Paksuzuki pay in duties and why did it price it at Pkr 3.8 million? Reality check? Just wondering… please correct me if I am wrong. Can someone please confirm taxes applicable on manufacturer/importer in this case?

  3. Kashmir Khan says

    Suzuki is great with mini SUVs and Vitara is best one from Suzuki but not in my reach 🙁

  4. Kashif Akbar says

    I should be a fool if i spend 3.7million to buy it and ignore 4.0million BMW X1 or Audi Q2.
    how the foolishness is Suzuki keep ignoring small cars as its win-win situation to launch.

  5. Amir says

    32.5% Customs Duty, 17% sales tax, 0.85 Excise
    The above UAE prices are including 5% import duty in the UAE and 18% dealer margin!
    PakSuzuki is making anywhere between 18-22% margin on these vehicles.

  6. Amir says

    Well, maybe not the X1, since you only get chassis with 4 tyres for 4 million. But Q2 for sure!

  7. Ahmed says

    Reality check? The reality check is, that it’s too expensive for the brand it carries. There is wayyy more attractive choices in that price.

  8. traxmaker says

    Thanks for the reply. Btw as end consumer pays Sales tax finally so the 17% tax that Paksuzuki pays initially it recovers from its customer. So in short my calculations seem to be right. You take away 5% Uae import duty and 18% commission from Uae price and add 32.5% duty and .85% excise plus 18% paksuzuki commission and you probably get the final local price then you add Sales tax, which is not a cost to PS but the end customer.

  9. traxmaker says

    It invested heavily on social media teaser ads and hired Fawad as brand ambassador….and the launch ceremony too.

  10. Ash khan says

    there is 1.4 turbo vitara is also available and ynot they can come with the one of the finest variant. these are all pathetic. People should go with the Honda Vezel in the same price range with much more features and hybrid engine.

  11. Salman Ahmed says

    And how much did this so called heavily investment cost Suzuki? There is no way to justify selling the car for 35 lakh . Plus their sales people are pathetic .

  12. traxmaker says

    They obviously think they have invested a lot to price it this way:)

  13. Saadat Altaf says

    Jo marzi keh lou …. hay tu Suzuki hi naa 😀

  14. aliqadri says

    ‘investing a lot of energies’ haha… They are just importing it

  15. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    At this price a Turbo or a Hybrid system would have been cool… disappointed considering CBUs cost this much in our country else it would have been fine because I liked the look and feel of it when I sat in it at the dealership
    Too expensive, the likes of Vezel will retain ground in the market

  16. Majid says
  17. nishantsirohi123 says

    Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Prices (introductory; ex-showroom, Delhi)
    LDI Indian Rs 6.99 Lakh = 10.8 lakh PKR
    VDI (O) INR Rs 7.75 Lakh = 11.98 lakh PKR
    ZDI INR Rs 8.55 Lakh = 13.21 lakh PKR
    ZDI+ INR Rs 9.54 Lakh = 14.74 lakh PKR

    This is for diesel engine – 1.3 90 bhp turbo diesel. without local taxes and insurance added, which adds around 1 to 1.5 lakh on the price. Had this been a 1.6 petrol the prices would have been obviously less than the diesel by at least 80 thousand INR
    The base comes with regular AC, basic music system, power windows and ABS and Airbags and no fog lamps.
    The price of GL+ is 34.9 million PKR which comes out to be 22.58 lakh INR, still too much to ask for a 1.6 petrol engined small cross over.

    About time pakistan government and people do something about the japanese ripping them off like that.
    I feel new entrants to the market like Nissan, GM, Fiat and Hyundai/Kia can break the monopoly.
    Suzuki in India did more or less the same with running old models but has been on its toes in upgrading and introducing new models since Hyundai and other companies give it tough competition. In fact in the premium segment they have not been able to succeed till recently and only now have seen some good sales. With Hyundai, Renault, ford and TATA all launched their small cars with good price, suzuki has been offering latest products.

  18. Hussain says

    Reality is u Buy This for 3.8 millions and a month later u wont be getting offer more than 2.5 millions for resale

  19. Hussain says

    Its Kizashi-2 for sure

  20. Hasanat Alam says
  21. Omer says

    For this price i will consider vezel, q2 ,x1. Or even at 4.2 million a brand new Toyota Revo.
    Vezel looks more attractive to me now after knowing the price tag of vitara. Even a Revo is much more love than this vitara

  22. Shahzaib Hassan says

    In my opinion It is a PAID article By Suzuki…
    Am I Right ?? (Correct Me If I’m not)

  23. Salman says

    agreed Omer. The Toyota Revo “V” 4×4 with diff lock seems like a much better and safer investment. However, if the price of the Vitara was 30 lac then it would have been an excellent value. I like the Vitara for what it is…a “Crossover” that does many things extremely well except offering a competitive price. The Revo has done a good job in keeping price low had the Vitara been priced near the Turbo Civic I am confident many owners or should I say “families” would opt for the Vitara with its roomy interior, all wheel drive, Panoramic Sunroof and other modern features.

  24. Salman Qureshi says

    Paid not sure… Biased.. Yes…

  25. Jugnoo Sheikh says

    Brother the car industry is not crazy, the people are who buy them. This small quantity will be sold out in 6 months to a few who want the first one out and to the rest out of jealousy of not owning one and the neighbour or a relative has it.
    They know how to play the right strings at the right time.
    For decades now we know that the cars have always been hell overpriced yest we still pay ON the damn thing.
    Do i need to go on further?

  26. H__3 says

    A review is that you get into the damn car, drive it and then compare it against what the company is claiming – not copy pasting the information available from different websites

  27. ajmalkhattak says

    I will go for Pajero 1996 2.8 Intercooler for 15Lakh instead.

    Thanks for the article though.

  28. Hassan Saleem Bhatti says

    “Honda Vezel Hybrid” is far better choice in this Price range

  29. Farhan Khan says

    Yet, hundred of thousands of cars will be sold in a matter of months…

  30. Imran Hunzai says

    LOL, how do they set the price?

  31. Suhail Ajmal says

    Sorry to say, the article is too wavered, not to the point with lot of irrelevant information. Many sentences don’t make proper sense. Even the title is vague. Comeon PakWheels, you can do a lot better!

  32. Aamir Yousuf says

    A thouroughly used vehicle (may be even repaired) is far better choice than a new vehicle? seriously? u r comparingthe price of a 60K + kms driven vehicle to a new one

  33. Salman Ahmed says

    2 thing i like about this car:
    1. it’s not priced like Kizashi
    2. it’s not priced like Honda Accord

  34. Kashif S. Malik says

    If they had driven one, this ‘Reality Check’ would have become a reality.

  35. Abid Syed says

    Problem starts when “PAK Suzuki” starts manufacturing.

  36. Haris Shahid says

    Me too….

  37. Shoaib Goraya says

    Suzuki has tried to break into the burgeoning mini Suv market. Jimny jeep was a huge failure and vitara is going in the same direction. It has decent horse power plus nice features but compared to the price tag the interior is cheap even by Suzuki standards which aren’t so high to begin with. The low weight aluminium chassis is a huge risk in local ( Pakistani) conditions. Compared to the price offered in other markets India etc they r simply ripping us off. Plus as soon as I hear the words * assembled in Pakistan * half the joy n confidence goes out of the window.
    In conclusion I think there r much better SUV’s available in this price range. A price tag of 2.0 to 2.5 million would have sold it like hotcakes.
    really wish we could switch to left hand cars or right hand drive as it is technically called. It will open up a lot of better markets a models for us in a lot cheaper price tags.
    Looking at the traffic situation in metropolitans of Pakistan one wishes government should tax the private vehicles at 500% and use the money to upgrade our pathetic useless good for nothing public transport system. It simply baffles my mind seeing Pak railway showing a loss every financial year in a country of 200 million people. Transport is one buisness if run sans corruption is impossible to go into loss unless it’s being run by Trump like his casinos 😉

  38. osama says

    Vitara is imported from Hungry. Not assembled in Pakistan. It is about 3.5 Million PKR due to duty structure in Pakistan. It could have been available at PKR 2.5 Mil had it been localised and assembled locally.

  39. Kamboh says

    Again, same sh!t from Suzuki.
    I guess Suzuki is focusing the filthy rich, who can pay happily for this Tin-Dabba. And there are many in Pakistan who would happily buy this. So Suzuki shouldn’t be blamed, its the filthy rich class who is responsible for this mess.

  40. waseem says

    Looks like Suzuki wants to fool people again like they did with Mehran.
    To me it looks ike ballooned version of Mehran. Cheap plastic at side
    doors, only 1 window is automatic !! & what a hideous nob for side
    view mirrors. Seat adjustment is manual, Back seat space is very very
    tight & you might touch roof. Cheap gear nob as usual, a special
    feature of Suzuki. & look at glass holders!! wow, any car that you
    buy above 3 million have full arm resting console with covered tops,
    this one is as cheap as you can get it. so called panoramic view is
    split by a horizontal bar to save glass cost. Another first hideous
    design by Suzuki. The view is not panoramic. lol, can’t believe that
    Mud flaps are to be purchased separately, what a miserable deal ! 37
    lacs & you don’t get mud flaps !!!

    All these faults/ hideous designing is for sale at 37 lacs! Why not buy
    an Audi R-3 instead or a Honda vezel RSensing with many many more
    features + hybrid or buy new Honda Civic & you will have spare 7
    lacs. Sorry to say but i would call it Khatara by Suzuki.

  41. waseem says

    Based on Mehran, lol. They think if they can sell scrap for 7 lacs, why not sell scrap with 7 airbags at 5 times the price of Mehran.

  42. waseem says

    Honda vezel 2014, 10,000km can be bought around 30-32 lacs with many many more features. Suzuki khatara is a failure.

  43. Syed Ali Moazzam says

    As many of the people here suggested, Vitara was doomed from day one and inching towards failure, and so it has…With the top grade going as low as 29.9 Lack with 8 lack discount but still not selling and stuck in the market. I believe it is not a sane decision to buy Vitara anymore.

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