GM Marketing Pak-Suzuki Finally Speaks on the Fate of Mehran

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In a very anticipated move yesterday, Pak-Suzuki launched a new vehicle for Pakistan. Suzuki Vitara, which has been offered in two trims:

  • GL+ (Priced @ PKR 3.49 Million)
  • GLX (Priced @ PKR 3.79 Million)

Both of the models mentioned above will feature a 1.6 L naturally aspirated engine. Despite the launch of this new vehicle in Pakistan, one cannot ignore the fact that all the sub-1000 cc cars in Pakistan are manufactured and sold by Pak-Suzuki. Naturally, this means that the company has to have some plan to exploit this market advantage further. While speaking to a Pak-Wheels official on the company’s plans to launch economic and small cars in Pakistan, Pak-Suzuki’s General Manager – Marketing remarked that:

Although some minority comments that Pak-Suzuki’s cars are outdated, but the fact of general majority’s appreciation of our products is entirely laudable. But essentially yes, Pak-Suzuki is completely committed to introducing new models in both 1000 cc category and above, in the next 3-4 years. Additionally, we will be trying to introduce new and top of the line models to our consumers.

He further said that WagonR is an example of company’s strategy to bring new and economical products. When asked about the company’s plans to launch a vehicle under the PKR 1 million price bracket, Mr Azam Mirza (GM – Marketing, Pak-Suzuki) remarked that as per the Auto-Policy (2016-2021); the cost for the manufacturing of cars has increased. Primarily because auto manufacturers have been asked to include new security features and incorporate efficient technology in the production phases. But we will try our best to provide the best possible package to our customers. Likewise, when asked about the continuation of Suzuki Mehran in 2017 and onwards, he said:

The urban consumers’ behaviour changes more frequently than their rural counterparts, which justifies the immense popularity of this car in rural areas. Thus, people’s association of comfort with this car in rural areas is much more noticeable. Additionally, the Pakistani consumers prefer resale value over other features and thus it is a huge question for the company to continue or discontinue Suzuki Mehran.


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  1. Kashif Akbar says

    the statements of GM sahib shows that he sleeps 20 hours and day and has nothing to do with the superior status awarded by common suzuki users to the branded cars they sell. speaking about mehran as choice of rural areas, i suggest GM sb, to work on adding engine of mehran to to a gadha-gari, as it will earn even more popularity to them then they have with mehran. such a shame on people having superior designations and speaking ill statements like politicians.

  2. وجاہت علی says

    To summarize the ‘Respected Boss – Suzuki Mehran’ is not going anywhere. Bravo!
    p.s: We will have to endure this car for an entire fucking century!!! Great move Pak-suzuki..

  3. wasim ikram says

    There’s a simple answer to the Mehran’s Fate;

    “Stop Buying them and they will stop making them”

  4. Rosh says

    This guy has no idea about reality of suzuki in pakistan. They haven’t learned anything from kizashi blunder. Seems like there’s another lesson in transit in shape of vitara.

  5. Saleem says

    I think pak suzuki GM is out of his mind
    He should check indian market before giving comments to suzuki mehran popularity
    Vitara have no future who the hell will buy this vitara khatra in 34 or 37 lacs
    Vitara will have same future as Liana
    So suzuki should stop making these teen dabba cars

  6. Saleem says

    Suzuki should launch suzuki calerio with same features as like other countries. Hatchbacks have future in pakistan

  7. Azher Baig says

    yes u are right

  8. Salman Ahmed says

    I would rather use donkey cart then buying suzuki cars .

  9. Captain Faraz says


  10. Captain Faraz says

    Pls do not be emotional but??Said

  11. Captain Faraz says


  12. captain Faraz says


  13. Asif says

    The GM marketing statements are very disappointing. He is saying minority is commenting that our cars are outdated. This is a complete lie made by the GM on a public forum.

    It is not a minority comment but a “FACT”..Paksuzukis vehicles are obsolete!! This can easily be verified go and check all of suzukis markets.
    1. Mehan is globally obsolete and was discontinued in late 1980s in Japan and Europe.
    2. Bolan and Ravi are actually late 1970s based Suzuki Super Carry variants. Again by mid 1980s these vehicles were pulled out of the Japanese and european market.
    3. The current Paksuzuki version generation of Swift was replaced in 2010-11 world over. Pakistan got this vehicle when it was pulled out from all other markets.
    4. Cultus is also globally obsolete only being made and sold in Pakistan.

    Stop exploiting Pakistan and stop with the lies. None of your locally made cars have airbags.

    Paksuzkis policies are harming Pakistan.

  14. KaKa says

    May we have the email address of this highly intellectual GM?

  15. Junaid says

    Agree, share or hack his email address. All need to have a word with him.

  16. Junaid says

    PTI whould take notice of the GM speech and plan a dharna outside PakSuzuki Offices 🙂

  17. Ehs says

    It is really disappointing…At least he shouldn’t lie. Everyone knows most of their vehicles are obsolete models. It’s a shame that this company’s top management doesn’t even have the decency to accept their short comings.

    This company does not give any regard to consumer welfare or feedback. Paksuzuki has the worst reputation. The only reason they are so popular is monopoly (people have no other option in small cars) and extended government support in the form of duty concessions and huge contracts over decades.

  18. Jamshed says

    Bongi he marna 😀

  19. Saleem says

    Shuker ha Wagon R ko kuch nhi kaha 🙂

  20. Raja Maja says

    well said………….ha ha ha aap nay to PoTIans ki Dogi wali kar di.

  21. Shurjil Butt says

    That never gonna happen bro

  22. Arsal says

    Paksuzuki will bring a letter from Japanese prince which will be delivered by a falcon. The “Official” letter will say that Mehran is on par with Bugatti and is a game changer in the global industry.

    The letter will also say all the world (asides from Paksuzuki’s management) are brainwashed and lying about their cars being unsafe and obsolete.

    Letter will also say most honest people on this planet are Paksuzuki’s top management.

  23. Usman says

    This Paksuzuki GM should use Mehran as his daily drive car and then should realize what the hell he is talking about.

  24. arshad says

    The hell is sold more than 3000 vehicles / month this is your face not PSMCL

  25. arshad says

    More than 3000 empolees are peacefully working in great atmophare there in PSCL

  26. arshad says

    “GM saying true” Suzuki Mehran,Bolan & Ravi is the core of PSMCL bussiness.No-one harm his bussiness in the world.
    I’ve many truth about peoples / customers they even do’nt know about Oil change.

  27. Nagra says

    Will you be ready to pay the price of a N-One if we come up with a totally revamped Mehran

  28. Zubair says

    Will you pay the price? For a 1.3L GLi, people are happily paying 2 Million rupees, for a 6.5 Lac Mehran what do you expect? all the Jap (scrap) coming to Pakistan, will anyone like to quote the price here for an average 3 yr old car?

  29. Salman Ahmed says

    Japani price Qatar ya Saudi jaisae thori hotae ha

  30. Salman Ahmed says

    There is option to buy jdm cars .

  31. Salman Ahmed says

    Aap meharbani karae aur mehran ko Arabian Sea main pheank aye.

  32. Guest says

    They have learnt. They have realized that the core consumer of PakSuzuki does not accept new models easily. Look at the fate of Liana, Kizashi, even Baleno. Look at the fate of Wagon-R. Wagon-R A1J310 was late because it started being sold many years after the discontinuation of Alto RA410, hence there was a lot of pent-up demand, yet still it took more than 2 years for Wagon-R to gain sales momentum.

    From one POV, PakSuzuki is right. Their consumers do not accept their new models.

  33. Guest says

    Right. If it is so good, why don’t they sell Mehran in any other country of the world?

  34. Tingy says

    In coming 2 to 3 year GM sahab you will be looking for a job!!
    CPEC ke rang dekhna, already many companies are entering pakistan.
    For 3 decades you idiots cant even redesign the dashboard. Shame on you guys.

  35. Ehs says

    Indeed there is the option but Japanese cars are used (although their qualify is far superior), without warranty, and there are some parts issues.

    In new below 1300cc category locally assembled vehicles – Paksuzuki has no competitor whatsoever.

  36. nishantsirohi123 says

    I totally agree with you and this nonsense exists in india as well, although has gone down to some extend.
    the relatives and neighbors sort of put so much pressure on the person looking to buy a car.

    Everything to the model, to even the color of the car is so much restricted thanks to the free advises given by these people.
    so you will see a flood of white and silver altos and swifts.

    However due to the size of the market and the number of buyers and the young urban professionals going more and more independent to be influenced by relatives, other models do see decent sales.

    My friend purchased a Fiat Punto Evo (turbo diesel) in red. and even after 2 years he is still annoyed by the questions, “yeh gaadi kyu li, fiat kyu khareedi 7 lakh mein swift ka top model aa jata”

    they all suggest swift or i20.

    He is tired and annoyed to the core. But he still find the unique look and the superior driving pleasure and engine performance. He even got the seats done in red leather.

    Although the impact of mechanics is a lot less because most people (90%) stick to the authorized service centers for service and repairs (at least till the 3 to 5 years warranties last).

    Still the overwhelming sales reflect the free advice impact to daddy

  37. Hussain says

    His face is as shitty as SANDUKI Mehan

  38. Shahab Nasir says

    At the end of they day they are here to do business. Mehran buyers are obviously not amongst few thousands of ranters on social media. They’ll keep producing it as long as they can sell it.

  39. Danial Khan says

    Koi pagal he hoga jo is price me y car lega 3.75 million . 4 million me audi A3 a jati h or agr 1 month wait kr len to AUDI Q2 jo shaed is se price me kam hogi par is se bbhhtt zada behtar or zabardast car h

  40. Rashid says

    You do see a whole lot of N-One’s, Mira’s, and Moco’s on the roads? No? All the people driving them paid for those cars, right? And guess what, ALL of them chose a used/reconditioned car with better features over the outdated tin dabba assembled by Pak Suzuki that they could buy in cheaper price.

    You cannot blame consumer for not willing to pay more. They are already paying 7 lakhs for a “car” that’s worth 2 lakhs at best. Don’t ask us if we are “ready to pay the price”. Ask yourself if you’re willing to ship a product that has at least the basic features (and usable tires) built in. Of course you can still charge for floor mats, not debating that.

  41. Salman Qureshi says

    Nicely put

  42. Retaliation. says

    Tells all of us who you work for.

  43. Saeed says

    They people make cartels & bribe govt. bodies for shaping policies only favoring them to loot common men. You will hardly see any suzuki vehicle in the countries where fair playing field is provided to all auto makers.

  44. Soccer Guy says

    With this pricing, Vitara is going to be another Kizashi like product, no market no sales. I think Suzuki’s managers handling these new launches work for competitions as well :P:P:P

    What is meant by cost increased?? excuse me Suzuki! Mehran is a 30 years old car (in Pakistan) and its technology is even more dated, you have got all technology investment returned decades back, the only cost to put together this vehicle is its METAL and man hours! Which i can bet would not cost more than 1.5 lakhs to Suzuki! You are TRYING to justify your dang inflated price for Mehran as it has no local competition inits segment! thas about it! Which is a rip off to us all!

  45. amjad says

    Stop buying Mehran, they will stop manufacturing Mehran.
    They are not changing even dashboard because WE are buying the same tin dabba very happily from more than last 3 decades.
    But the question is, “what the hell we should purchase instead Mehran in this cost then?”
    The example of India is NONO in 1 or 2 Lac, and BRIO within 7 Lac and lot of examples from other countries that are present to stop such tin dabba makers to FOOL people.
    My another question is, where are such manufacturers in Pakistan?
    Our government and their policies are the hurdle for such manufacturers to introduce the substitutes of tin dabbas.
    We are looking towards CPAC and the new auto policy but who knows, we have to live with that till how many centuries.

  46. amjad says

    Yeah! The substitute…………….!

  47. zafan athar says

    so much ZABARDAST PUNCH mara hy????????????? ooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  48. Ferrari says

    These guys have a shameless attitude and have no consideration for their consumers.

    Openly saying that Paksuzukis models are not obsolete. Does Paksuzuki’s management think people are that stupid ?…only reason they are able to sell so much is due to their government-supported monopoly in small cars…they claim they have high localization levels but fail to mention they take 25 years to reach significatn locazation and then use it as in an excuse not to replace models…In India, cars are being introduced with 60-80% localization at Launch and replaced with


  49. Haris Shahid says

    Pak Suzuki is not ready to innovate small cars. They are selling Mehran in almost 7lacs, where as, it should have been not more than 4 lacs. There is nothing in it. Similarly, Bolan, this is an empty box. no power windows, power steering, car tape/cd player….

  50. Haris Shahid says

    I also heard that they are going to launch Alto in 660cc model to replace Mehran.

  51. osama says

    Do you have any data on the cost of Mehran? The Duty structure etc? What is the data source for 4 Lac price estimate?

  52. osama says

    Mehran is primarily sold in rural Pakistan not Urban Pakistan. They use it on rough terrains. I believe it will be very tricky from Suzuki’s end to discontinue Mehran.

  53. Haris Shahid says

    Now please do not say that In Pakistan raw material and tax structure is expensive. Please stop giving this unnecessary reason. The car in 7lac must have “some features” in it. Have you ever driven new Mehran for a year…? No new addition, no new shape, no new accessory, what the hell we are talking about? 7lac is something, which is not to be wasted on such car. Instead used/reconditioned car is far much better and even FX is much much better in durability and performance….

  54. Haris Shahid says

    Tell you what…FAW-V2 is getting much better reviews than Cultus, Wagon-R and in some cases Swift. V2 is an excellent choice for customers who are looking for new car within the range of 1 million. Pak Suzuki have to review its strategy, they cannot make people fool for long…

  55. osama says

    Not a very reasonable reply. All intuition.

  56. Imran Khan says

    disgusting suzuki company no change in the model of hiroof mehran and othe cars as usuall shame on suzuki company and even these vehicle not come on international level so many defects in manufacturing no power stering and so many more in the end shame on suzuki company and especially the japense person who work in suzuki company in pakistan

  57. mar222184 says

    Hahaha. This guys statement looks just in line with our politicians bcz they also dont know abt reality.
    Kal bhi mehran zinda thii aaj bhi mehran zinda hay…..

  58. وجاہت علی says

    not gonna happen cuz still millions of moron’s stil drive that crap!!

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