A Vespa scooter unlike anything you’ve ever seen

We’ve always have this soft spot for Vespa scooters no matter how slow they are. Mostly, people tend to restore into factory condition but some however, take the scooter as a form of art and play with it according to their imagination and the Guardian, Pulsar Protects’ steam punk Vespa is one such scooter where sculptor Cris Cofitis created the Vespa, named Guardian in the most fanciest of ways.

This steam punk bonanza is even more alluring because of all the stylish details: far from simply loading all sorts of brushed metal parts and bolts on the basic scooter, Cris has made full use of his expertise as a fashion designer to carefully trim everything into place, maintaining a wonderful balance between art and mechanics.

Vespa ScooterVespa Scooter Front

Vespa Scooter BackVespa Scooter Side

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