A molested but rare R30 Skyline is for sale

Nissan Skyline

Pakistan is a very depressing country for car fanatics. The cars you wish for aren’t here or if they are, chances are in the favour that they would be priced ridiculously or are with a person who doesn’t need to sell because they don’t need money and yet! Part of my pass time activity is googling out cars which I, one day, when I have a decent earning have plans to buy.

So one such day, while googling various cars in Pakistan I came around this rare car, a molested rare gem turned into an abomination after a lot of meaningless torture inspired from movies had been done.

Equipped with a Toyota diesel engine, it is a 1992 Nissan Skyline. Even though it has the two distinctive round brake lights at the rear, it is not the RS version. It is the normal the 2.4 four sedan car with disfigured body beyond recognition but not repair and/or restore.

This particular Skyline was built between the years 1981 to 1985 so it is wrongly mentioned as 1992 model but as seller tells down below that it came from Kuwait in 1992, then it perhaps came when a lot of Pakistanis flee Kuwait and other Gulf countries packing their cars with necessary stuff during the height of Gulf War.

Nissan Skyline 1992Nissan Skyline 1992

The ad is just a couple of months old, posted in Oct’ 2012, this can still be parked as not a lot of people know what kind of rare car this is but we wouldn’t be sure about the price.

For only 225,000 PKR, this could be yours. OLX

So is it nice price or crack pipe as they say, you tell us!

Skyline 1992 - Nissan for saleNissan Skyline for sale

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  • Husnul Maab Sharif

    unless owner has the original bumpers all buy it and restore it and REPAINT it i know its riced ot like crazy 🙁