Accident Near Khanpur Claims 25 Lives

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After this terrible accident, emergency has been declared in all the surrounding hospitals. Moreover, many injured in this accident are being reported as critical.

Earlier this morning, two buses were involved in a horrible crash. And this crash has led to deaths of 25 people and more than 40 are critically wounded. All the victims are being transferred to District Headquarter Hospital (Khanpur), while the critically wounded are being transferred to Rahim Yaar Khan.

Pictures’ Courtesy: AK Hoccane

This crash happened at Dahrija Railway Crossing, near Khanpur. More importantly, it has been reported that the rescue teams were very efficient in their response. It should be noted that, of the buses included, one was traveling to Sadiqabad from Faisalabad and the other was traveling from Karachi to Lahore. Due to the severity of crash and the alarming number of critically wounded passengers, more deaths are expected by the Hospitals’ staff.

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  1. Zubair Hameed says

    Very unfortunate and sad incident. Innocent lives are gone due to carelessness of bus drivers. The head on collision was purely due to over speeding and negligence of either one of the bus drivers. May Allah bless the departed souls and give comfort to their families.

  2. Guest says

    While there are bus drivers who are careless and overspeeders, HOW do you exactly know that the exact cause of this exact traffic accident was exactly overspeeding and negligence?

    Have you investigated about weather conditions, acts of terrorism, driver fatigue or mechanical failures such as tyre burst or other problems?

    Or just like the Airblue crash investigation report, which said that the pilot slammed the aircraft in the mountain despite having no reason to, you also believe that it is satisfying to blame the deceased?

    Did you know that the long route drivers are very successful as they run the same highways everyday. Probably those two drivers had already covered the same route hundreds of times if not thousands.

  3. Guest again says

    I stick to my point that the rate of accidents per km of the long route drivers who are driving 200,000 km+ each year is much less than those aunties who just pick and drop their children from the nearby school.

    There is a reason for measuring a pilot’s experience in number of hours of flight rather than number of years s/he has held a license.

    Thank you for spending the effort to clarify your point and for providing the links. I do agree that there are reckless drivers, and there are speeding drivers (I said so in the first line of my post above). But the fact remains that as a nation we hate proper forensic investigation. As a nation we loathe to find out the root cause of the problem so that in the future, the problem can be resolved. As a nation, we just want a scapegoat to lay blame on, and take out our anger. As per your shared details, the DPO and “other” authorities gave out an official statement about the cause of the accident. And the basis of their information is the “locals of the accident site”. I am sure the locals do not have requisite training training to perform a forensic analysis. Neither the DPO and “other” authorities have.

    The “locals” are usually busy with their work and only get to know about the crash when they hear the boom! And then they reconstruct the scenario as they wish. And I am certain me & you and other pakwheelers have also been guilty of such practice.

    You have personal experience of traveling on that route and you have witnessed the buses being driven at “high” speeds. In that case, thousands of vehicles pass through the same blind corner everyday and nothing bad happens. Just because you, me and some other people have witnessed buses being driven at speeds unsafe for the conditions of road and weather, does not mean that the reason of crash in EXACTLY this accident was EXACTLY the same.

    Certainly you have seen many times that vehicle owners do not maintain the proper fitness of the vehicle, as a result crash happens, and thankfully (from the perspective of the negligent owner) the driver dies. Since the driver cannot come back from the grave to tell his/her story, the owners continue their abuse against the other drivers, passengers and pedestrians just because we as a nation like to blame the speed and the drivers, dead or alive.

    I’m not advocating the “poor guy”. I am just saying that we should not assume the reason of the accident based on our other personal experiences and thoughts. As the “poor guys” who are the drivers also cheat, and make “unofficial” stops and bag the money instead to giving to the owner.
    Our whole society is corrupt. Sad.

    I hope I got my point across.

  4. Adnan Bhatti says

    I agree, and would say, very well put: “as a nation we hate proper forensic investigation. As a nation we loathe to find out the root cause of the problem so that in the future, the problem can be resolved.”

    Even if we see a road side accident, the common scenario is, two people are involved in a traffic collision, and 70 others are watching to see what happens next. No one’s there to help. ‘Tamaash-been Qaum’. The onlookers would actually slow the cars or even stop in mid lanes to see what happened, possible cause to more collisions. Why would it be my concern what happened, unless, either I have the capacity to help someone, or I’m trying to figure out why it happened in the first place. Every time you hear about any kind of accident, there is no mention of the cause. People mostly go ‘Tauba tauba, Allah bachaye’, and move on to the next topic. Unfortunates like these are treated like gossip, not as lessons.

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