Pak-China Rally En-route to Gwadar

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A car rally from China’s Xinjiang region has entered Pakistan through the Khunjerab Pass on Saturday. The rally is aimed to promote the Pak-China friendship and to mark the significance of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Image Courtesy Duniya News
Image Courtesy Duniya News

The rally comprises of 52 members and 20 cars. The cars used are Chinese, and from the images, it looks like they are using the FAW vehicles.

Image Courtesy Duniya News
Image Courtesy Duniya News

The rally participants were welcomed by the local administration and military personnel. The Chinese spokesperson of the rally expressed great joy and pleasure on the occasion. He also chanted pro-Pakistani slogans.

The rally will pass through Punjab, Sindh and Gwadar. From Gwadar, the rally would go to Iran and to the UAE.

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  1. Usman Ansari says

    thats FAW Besturn X80 SUV… i have driven one of these and its an amazing vehicle..

  2. Scorpion86 says

    Is it available in Pakistan?

  3. Sporty man says

    No not available in pakistani market.

  4. mughal says

    FAW V2 ….. Is this FAW V2?

  5. Guest says

    1. I don’t understand the wordings of the article. The rally has arrived through Khujerab border, which route is it taking to Punjab without going through KPK?
    Then it will go to Sindh and Gwadar. How can it go to Gwadar without passing through Balochistan? Is it deliberate that the names of 2 provinces have been mentioned and two have been left out? If it is a mistake, the editor should be more cautious, so that otherwise neutral article doesn’t manage to induce ill-will.

    2. If it is a cross-continent rally which is going through to Iran and further to UAE, why is it being called Pak-China rally?

    3. The cars are having Liaoning number plate, whereas FAW has a big setup in Changchun and Tianjin. Wonder why?

    4. I love that solid-looking skid plate in the title post.

    5. Pakistan and China do not have an agreement to honour each other’s driving license. (Though relaxation is given if license holder of one country applies for the license of the other.) Chinese driving license is not acceptable in Pakistan, so how did they legally keep driving in Pakistan?

    6. PW Blog is upping its game, as finally the images coming from another source has been properly credited.

  6. Guest says

    Other questions also sprung to mind, such as, what type of insurance are these cars using? What type of carnet-du-passage? Can Pakistanis also bring cars with Chinese, Irani, Afghani number plate into Pakistan for a drive-thru?

  7. Guest's Host says

    thank God you din’t engaged your mind thinking what color underwear those Chinese were wearing.. duh

  8. Sa'adi Rahman says

    Why FAW Pakistan doesn’t launch such models in Pakistan? We only see unimpressive models launched by Chinese in Pakistan

  9. SPZ says

    there are not Liaoning number plate

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