Air travel Can Become Expensive According To Upcoming Punjab Budget 2015-16

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Dunya News is reporting that heavy taxes on air tickets will be imposed in the Punjab Budget 2015-16 and according to the news; taxes up to 10,000 rupees would now be imposed on the airplane tickets.

For passengers flying within Punjab or up to 500 kilometers; a 2,500 tax will be imposed on those tickets. While 1,500 rupees for those traveling less than 500 kilometers. 5,000 rupees tax is recommended to be imposed for those traveling in the Economy and Economy Plus classes of the international flights and the Business and First Class tickets will be taxed by PKR 10,000.

According to the recommendations made, diplomats and those going for their Hajj and Umra will not be taxed while a 16% tax will be imposed on chartered flights.

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  1. Shahid says

    Well, all the politicians are still not going to pay as they have diplomat passports, or they will get one. Here we were thinking about getting some relief, but I think only relief we can get is by travelling on so called “Luxurious Metro” .
    Is it possible for government to launch international travels for Metro?? I am wondering. But hey ” Umeed pe dunya kaayam hai”.

  2. Muhammad Younus says

    agree with you Shahid. INTERNATIONAL mETRO…What an idea

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