“Alsvin is Much Better Than City” – Owner’s Review


We are here with another owner’s review, and today, we are reviewing the recently launched Changan Alsvin. The under review car is base variant of Alsvin with a 1300cc engine and 5-Speed transmission. As per the owner, he booked the car in January 2021 and received it recently.

Price and Purchase Decision: 

The owner bought the car in Rs22,00,000. Talking about competition, he said that Honda City was a major competitor, but he thinks that Alsvin is much better than City in terms of features and options. “The other option was Toyota Yaris, but I chose Alsvin because of its price and features,” he said. As per the owner, another major reason for buying this car is the look of its interior, which is sleeker than its competitor.

Parts Availability: 

The owner accepted the fact that recently launched cars have the issue of parts availability; however, he likes the car very much, hence, the decision of buying it. Talking about the parts price, the owner said he doesn’t know about it as yet neither does the company. “Changan told us that in case of need, it would import the parts of us,” he said.

Safety Features: 

The car comes with Dual Airbags, ABS, Parking Sensors, and Reverse Camera. “Its competitors have fewer safety features,” the owner said.

Head Unit: 

The vehicle has a floating touchscreen with Bluetooth connectivity and other essential information. Under it, the company has installed USB and Charging ports.

AC Performance: 

This base variant has Analog AC with very decent performance. “I am satisfied with its AC performance, but it is slightly less than Corolla GLi, which I was driving before this one,” he said.

Missing Features: 

As per the owner, Cruise Control and Retractable Side View Mirrors are missing features in this car. “The mirrors are auto adjustable but not retractable,” the owner added.

MID Display: 

The MID has Digital RPM, Digital Temperature Gauge, Fuel Consumption Meter, and Gear information. The meter has a very chic look and gives a lot of basic information to the driver.

Fuel Average: 

As per the owner, the intracity fuel average of the car ranges from 11.5 to 12.5km/liter, as he has not driven the car on the long route, so he doesn’t have any information about that average.

Seating Capacity: 

As per the owner, the seating capacity is ample on front seats; but it is a bit tight on the backseat. “It is less than Corolla; however, it is better than City,” he said. Furthermore, four people can travel in it very easily, while with five passengers, the space becomes compressed.


As the car is recently-launched, hence, determining its resale value is hard. However, as per the owner, the car is being sold at premium; even the showroom owner offered to buy it from him.

Brake, Suspension and Ground Clearance:  

As per the owner, the brake performance is very good, while its suspension is similar to Corolla and City. Meanwhile, talking about the ground clearance, he said that it is excellent with four people; however, it creates a bit of an issue with five passengers.

Trunk Space: 

The owner told us that the car has ample Trunk Space and you can travel with your family and luggage in it very conveniently.

Car Pick: 

Answering the question, the owner told us that the pick of this car is satisfactory, even better than Corolla, mainly because of its smaller size and lightweight.

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