Are you annoyed with your car’s suspension – Here is what you need to know

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Car suspension ensures an easy and smooth drive. It is actually a complex interconnection and system of components of vehicles. If you feel your ride is bumpy or different than usual then there might be some issue with its suspension. Lack of maintenance, excess wear and tire, and road abuse are the major contributors in severely affecting the suspensions. If you feel your car is having a suspension problem then before rushing to a repair shop, have a self-diagnosis test and then visit repair shop, this will save both your time and money. There are several symptoms of this car suspension problem. Some of which are as follows:

Car pulling itself to one side:

While driving, if you feel your car is pulling to one side itself. Then it is probably due to the problem in suspensions, and either badly or unaligned wheels cause this. Therefore, suspensions need to be checked properly and fixed. Other factors which cause this include;

  • While driving, tie rods and steering rocks (bad steering components) also cause pulling of the car at one side.
  • Rare but other symptoms can be a bad inflated tire.

Backward handspring of wheels:

When the wheel wiggle and wander rapidly back and forth then backward handspring of wheels occurs.


  • Worn out steering comb and tie rods.
  • Bad tire inflation.
  • Excessive wear and tear of tires is the main reason.
  • Therefore, tires should be checked and maintained properly. It is better to replace tires in a pair rather than changing just one tire only since it’ll affect the overall performance of the car and suspension as well.

Bouncing on uneven paths:

It is one of the common suspension error too. The reasons include;

  • Bad tire inflation
  • Worn out struts
  • Collided leaf spring
  • Worn out shocks etc

Hard steering:

The main causes of this issue include:

  • Loose or worn out steering belt.
  • Top up of power steering fluid required
  • Leakage or broken steering comb/ racks
  • Worn out Steering pump, therefore check its pressure properly before driving.
  • Power steering fluid, if it’s of the low-quality act as a hurdle in having a soft and smooth steering wheel.
  • There is also one other factor, which may not be common but it is still there and it’s the mixing of different kinds of power steering fluid.

At a high speed the steering vibrates:

This problem can be due to:

  • Worn out tires.
  • Unbalanced Wheels
  • Distorted brake rotor
  • In order to avoid the problem of vibration at high speed, it is recommended that one should replace and get new tires instead of using worn out or uneven tires which might lead to a lethal accident.

Disordered steering:

While driving on uneven or bumpy roads, you might have experienced clunking and knocking through the steering, this is due to the disordered steering.

The reasons for these problems are :

  • Worn out joints, steering mounts, and strut bearing
  • Broken or worn out tie rods, steering rack or steering comb

It is recommended that first check suspensions of your vehicle then visit repair shop since diagnosis of suspension cost a lot and you’ll have to pay for all the diagnosis once you visit a repair shop. So check suspension manually first since some of the problems associated with the suspensions can be sorted out easily such as checking the power in the steering, inflation of tires and if the tires need replacement or not. These problems are mostly caused by road abuse and these problems are seen more in power steering as compare to the non-power steering. The problem of disordered suspension can literally affect fuel economy in a worse possible way as well.

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