Another Chinese Manufacturer Plans to Launch Electric-Hybrid Cars in Pakistan

With a globally increasing demand for electric-hybrid vehicles, a Chinese manufacturer is considering to launch its dealerships in Pakistan by the end of this year. As per initial reports, the car that is being considered for launch in Pakistan will cost around $9,000 (exclusive of taxes). It will have a mileage range of 120 Kilometres with a maximum possible speed of 60 km/h. The car is expected to be launched with modern features like power windows, rear camera, and internet connectivity display.

The Chinese manufacturers are confident that a production of 1000 units per month will be enough to cater to the initial demand in the country. Therefore, they have no plans to produce these Electric hybrid cars locally.

The cost of mileage for these electric-hybrid vehicles will be Rs. 7 per kilometer. Earlier, Super-Power had also launched an electric car will 2 doors and 4 doors variants priced at Rs. 450,000 and Rs. 650,000 respectively. There’s anticipation in the market already as to whether these electric hybrid cars will prove to be a successful product for the local market or will it become a misfortune in the emerging auto industry of Pakistan.


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  1. I hope these prove to be really successful so people seriously start considering importing Teslas by the time the Model 3 rolls out and Elon Musk then makes a Gigafactory in Pakistan too cuz yolo and then we get cheaper tickets on his Moon orbit flights just around the time the Hyperloop finishes production between Khunjerab and Karachi.


  2. Agreed bro ! Waisay bhee bmw kaand mein wajjay ja keh to iss chinese car ka muu banta hai

  3. They are called hybrid .there is no such thing as electric hybrid cars . Illiterate people these days write articles on pakwheels

  4. Before you can claim anyone to be illiterate let me explain the literal meaning of literacy to you, if someone can just read and write his name in any language he is considered literate. There is a Huge difference between lack of knowledge, and lack of vocabulary and being illiterate. So according to your definition of being illiterate, not knowing what illiteracy actually is makes you illiterate too.

  5. I appriciate the way uzair maintained the standard most people will like.Use of knoledge for insulting other people must not be acceptable.

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