Audi A5 2019 Owner’s Review: Price, Specs & Features


Keeping up with the tradition of bringing exclusive detailed reviews of vehicles for our readers, this time, too, has brought an owner’s review of the second-generation Audi A5 2019 model. Without further ado, let’s jump straight to the review.


The Audi A5 comes in different packages; however, the car under review is an S line package. The S line trim outline provides the car with a mid-range construction, which allows the introduction of plenty of features to enhance the quality of the vehicle. Moreover, this design maintains the sporty outlook of the car and gives it a low structure, which provides a comfortable feeling and a firm grip. This firm and strong grip prevent the car from leaning too much in the corners. However, there is one disadvantage of the S line; not enough space is available in the backseat due to the low structure of the car.

Suspension of the car:

Even though the S line brings a lot of advantages, it also has a negative aspect to it, and that is; its suspension because instead of a regular suspension, a sports suspension is installed which is ideal for driving on country roads but motorways and smooth roads, the shock absorbers don’t work quite well, and the ride becomes bumpy. 


The interior space of the car is very comfortable. The settings of front and back seats can be customized accordingly. There is adequate leg space in the back seats. Moreover, the storage space is spacious, especially when the back seats are folded. The ambiance of the Audi A5 is top-notch and is similar to Mercedes in this respect. Audi is even more attractive than the BMW. The shape of the car assists in minimizing the noise produced by the wind, and the engine noise does not seep into the backward passenger compartment. The low cabin noise makes the ride peaceful. A sleek and smart dashboard is added at the front, which has eye-catching controls. The information showing on the dashboard can be set according to one’s preferences. A standard LCD without a pop-up system is also incorporated near the steering wheel. At the front seats, information such as audio, phone calls, and navigation can be adjusted easily. A standard sound system with 16 channel amplifier, 19 loudspeakers having a 3D sound effect is added in the car. The full sound system is powered by 650 watts. 

The safety measures of the car include six airbags and Audi’s stability program. The autonomous emergency braking (AEB), which works at the speed of 52mph, also assists in dangerous situations. 

See the video review of the Audi A5 below:

Specs and features: 

1.4 turbo engine is placed under the hood of the car. The engine might seem small, but it powers the car efficiently. No change is felt while shifting the gears due to the automatic transmission of the vehicle. 

Reverse and self-parking modes are available, which aid in parking in any designated spot. A brake assist, parking sensors, and efficiency controls are available for comfortable parking. 

Furthermore, the front seats can be heated in winters and are also power-adjustable. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity, a powered boot lid, ambient interior lighting, Xenon headlights and LED running lights are also available. There are four driving modes of the car, which are: comfort, dynamic, custom, or individual, and efficiency. Temperature can also be controlled by the 3- zone climate change control. The AC of the car works efficiently. There are light sensors and range sensors, as well as a flat tire indicator. The light coming from the headlights can be customized. An additional feature includes matric sliding. 


The base price of Audi A5 is 44,000 dollars, and while it may be more pricy than the other small-size luxurious cars, however, it is worth the money in terms of performance and hi-tech features. 

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