Best Available 660cc Cars in Pakistan

Imported 660cc cars have always been preferred in Pakistan over large cars because of the cheap price, best fuel consumption, and the increasing traffic. There is a wide range of 660cc cars to select from.

Suzuki Every:

Suzuki Every has the 660cc engine capacity with many amazing features like the proper safety and entertainment system. The price of the car is between Rs 10,00,000 and 11,00,000. It can achieve an average of up to 24KM/L making for an estimated driving range of up to 960KM from the mini MPV’s 37 Liter fuel tank.

A perfect van in case you have a big family. It can easily accommodate up to 7 individuals. The car has a proper legroom and headrest that makes the journey more comfortable.

The front end houses rectangular side swept headlights, a small grille with dual intakes and triple air intakes. The sides houses are sliding doors. The rear end houses small low mounted rectangular taillights and a standard case hatchback.

Standard features on the GA include air conditioning, stereo speaker system and a tachometer. It has an Engine of 0.66 Liter SOHC 12 Valve Inline-3 and 5-Speed Manual Gearbox.


Imported Suzuki Alto:

Imported Suzuki Alto has gained the rank of one of the most popular vehicles in Pakistan. It has a quality that is rarely found in the 660cc cars.

With the specifications like key less entry, radio, entertainment system, power locks, air conditioner and air bags it will be your best ride on the roads of Pakistan.

It has front end houses sharp upswept headlights and a large hexagon grille with a horizontal body. It has air conditioner, power steering, and a stereo speaker system. Features on the higher end VP includes keyless entry. Features on the highest and F, G and X variant includes power windows and front fog lights with power adjustable mirrors. Options include satellite navigation and climate control.

Alto is available with 660cc turbo engine as well and the Alto has the following fuel economy figures:

  • Sixth Gen (04-09): 22km/l
  • Seventh Gen (2009-onwards): 24km/l (front-wheel-drive+CVT)
  • Eight Gen (2014-onwards): 37km/l


Suzuki Wagon R:

With the 660cc engine and the automatic transmission, the imported model of the Suzuki Wagon R also comes with the push start feature. It has the fuel average of 19-20 KM/L, it is an ideal economy car. The rear has a simple natural feel whereas the front has a more aggressive look.

The interior of the car is very spacious and airy, more than any other Suzuki hatchback. Contrary to the imported version the local version of Suzuki Wagon R lacks in few things such as it has no power windows on the back side, no alloy wheels, no ABS and no airbags.




Daihatsu Mira ES:

Daihatsu Mira ES is the most popular car that is specially imported from Japan. It gives out a mileage of 30 km/l.

With all the amazing specifications good looking design and spacious interior it seems to be a very economical vehicle for the Pakistani families.

It has a powerful engine with auto gear full meter touch without any trouble. It has an excellent fuel average. Interior is luxurious and comfortable. The shape is beautiful and it is one of the best small cars.


Honda N One:

Honda N One is a front engine kei car. It offers a distinctive styling and interior comfort.

The Honda N One gives an average of up to 20KM/L making for an estimated driving range of up to 700KM from the compact kei cars 35 Liter fuel tank.

It has an Engine of 0.66 Liter DOHC 12 Valve Inline-3 and a Gearbox of CVT Transmission.

It has the front end houses circular headlights, a trapezium grille with chrome accents and a rectangular air intake. It also has the rear end houses angular trapezium styled side swept taillights, a chrome trim piece placed beneath the rear window and a standard case hatchback.

The standard features include automatic climate control, power windows, power steering, power lock doors, power windows, four airbags, and a stereo speaker system.


Honda N Box: 

The 2011 Honda N Box is a front engine front compact kei car. It can achieve an average of up to 20KM/L making for an estimated driving range of up to 600KM from the compact kei cars 30-liter fuel tank.

It has an Engine of 0.66 Liter DOHC 12 Valve Inline-3 and CVT Transmission. The car has spacious interior, comfortable, good ride quality and is very economical.

It has the front and houses rectangular side swept headlights, a rectangular grille with a chrome accent, a rectangular air intake, a trapezium air intake and flared wheel arches that extend their design into the front bumper.The rear end houses clear stacked vertical side swept taillights and a standard case hatchback.

Standard features include automatic climate control, a multi-information display, multi function steering wheel, power windows, power mirrors, stereo speaker audio system power lock doors, power steering, trip computer and a tachometer. Options include satellite navigation, heated front seats, cruise control, an upgraded stereo speaker system with a rear sub-woofer and a reversing camera.


Honda N WGN:

Honda N Wgn is equipped with utmost passenger comfort and safety. The drive is also of the highest level with quality design and economic fuel consumption.

The vehicle also has a sodium filled exhaust valve to decrease the temperature surrounding the exhaust valve and hold back any knocking linked with the increase in the HCR.

With the DOHC engine, the kei car has high output, high torque, and a continuously variable transmission. It gives a fuel economy of approximately 29km/liter.


Daihatsu Move:

The looks of this Daihatsu Move might not attract you but it is a very economical car. The Fourth Gen (2006-2010) gives out 23 KMPL, Fifth gen (2010-2014) give 27 KMPL while the Sixth gen (2014-onwards) gives approximately  31 KMPL It is perfect for a small family with good fuel average.

It has the front end houses the trapezium styled side swept headlights, a trapezium chrome grille and a rectangular air intake on the large front bumper. The rear end houses stacked vertical taillights and a standard case hatchback. Options include LED headlights.

Standard features on the X and L variants include air conditioning, smart assist system, cup holders, power steering, power lock doors, traction control, tachometer and a multi-information display. Features on the higher end RS included a roof spoiler. Features on the higher end Custom X, Custom RS and Custom L include a rear spoiler, Xenon headlights, front fog lights and rear LED taillights. Options include heated front seats, satellite navigation, rear and top-down view cameras and leather and fabric upholstery.


So it is the time that you can invest in the 660cc cars that meet all your requirements. The best thing about these cars is that they have the least road tax with the Japanese technology.

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  1. Ab to Japanese cars ke barae main articles parhae hi nahi jatae .har article ko dekh kar Dr.zac bhai ki yaad a jati ha . :sob:

  2. I think the writer has mistakenly mentioned the features of the local Wagon R, as in not having airbags, ABS & rear power windows.

    The JDM Wagon R has all the 3 mentioned above also the car is fully powered.


  3. also the photo shows Alloys of the Stingray Variant & comments say no alloy wheels.


    kindly check this out !

  4. What about Suzuki Hustler? Got the car of the year of award in Japan.

  5. These 660 JDMs are not cheap anymore. A three year used Mira is starting from 12lac and it goes up to 13.5lac how writer could say its cheap.
    And the realistic fuel average we can get in our country is 14-15kmpl. this 24,30 or 37kmpl is only a dream.

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