Blessed Friday Sale-Get Up to 60% OFF on PakWheels Products

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The Blessed Friday Sale is LIVE and you can get up to  60% OFF on PakWheels Products. These products will help you keeping your car squeaky clean, assist you in time of emergency and keep you safe.

Here are the details of these products for you, and visit our store to avail this great opportunity.

Portable Heavy Duty Double Cylinder Air Compressor:

Double Cylinder Air Compressor is best in times of emergency, because it will help you maintain tyre pressure. In just 2-3 minutes, you will get the normal tyre pressure by using this cylinder, with  anti-hot heat sink, making it more secure. Furthermore it is equipped with a protective bar to protect the motor body safety.

We are offering 44% discount on the product, hence, you can buy it in only Rs. 3,650, as compared to its old price of Rs6500.

Air Compressor

Smart Built In Bluetooth Bike Helmet

The Smart Built In Bluetooth Bike Helmet will not only keep you safe, but also provide you entertainment and Bluetooth. This light weight chic helmet will help you in taking calls while riding a bike, as well as you can enjoy music through it.

After 36% discount, you can get this helmet in only Rs5,450, against its original rate Rs. 8,500.


Blessed Friday Sale: Spray Nine Car Disinfectant and Cleaner:

During this COVID-19 times, a clean vehicles is essential. Henceforth, we have brought Spray Nine Car Disinfection and Cleaner for you. This product will clean your vehicle as well as remove all the germs. Spray Nine’s “Triple Threat” formula delivers professional strength performance and has been trusted by manufactures, Auto Technicians and DIY’ers for over 60 years.

PakWheels is offering huge 60% discount on it, and you can buy it in only Rs. 999, comparing to its old rate of Rs. 2500.


Dextro Turbo High Pressure Washer: 

If you are busy and can’t take your car to service station, worry not because we are presenting this Dextro Turbo High Pressure Washer.  Through this product, you can easily wash your vehicle within minutes and its pressure water will remove all the dust and mud.

In this blessed Friday sale, we are offering 38% discount, you can own this product in only Rs12,499, comparing to its previous rate of Rs. 20,000.


Blessed Friday Sale: Gumout Multi System Tune Up Engine Optimizer: 

The Gumout Multi System Tune Up Engine Optimizer  restores fuel economy and improves engine performance of your car. Furthermore, PEA (polyetheramine) in it effectively removes carbon deposits from the entire fuel and oil systems.

You will get 12% off on this product, as you can purchase it in only Rs. 1,499, against its old price Rs. 1,699.


Car Geek All Purpose Cleaner: 

A clean interior of the car is always a mood lifter and we at PakWheels want you to be happy. This Car Geek All Purpose Cleaner will remove tough organic, and inorganic based stains like oil grease, food, mildew, grass, mud, and silicone-based dressings.

With 21% discount on it, you can buy it in only Rs950, against its original rate of Rs1,199.


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