BMW Active Hybrid 5 Owner’s Review: Price, Specs & Features

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BMW 5 series is a renowned luxury sedan which is popular across the globe for its performance and styling details. The particular car being reviewed is the 2012 BMW Active Hybrid 5, which is one of the variants of the five series lineup. The current owner purchased this car in 2017, and he is the second owner. He purchased the vehicle at 15000 km. The owner also had the previous generation of the 5 series and had a great experience with it. This, together with a bigger engine size, influenced the decision of the owner to purchase this car instead of Audi A6 or Mercedes E Class. 

Interior and Exterior 

The interior comes fitted with four-zone luxury climate control, which provides a comfortable ride, especially on hot days. Push start, cruise control, multiple airbags, ambient lighting, and electronic handbrake, are some of the interior features of this car. It also comes with front and rear parking sensors that aid in parking in tight spots. There are different driving modes in this car – sport, comfort, and eco pro. The ground clearance is not much of an issue for this car in urban areas. The hump in the floor at the rear reduces foot space for rear passengers. The seats are semi-electric, and leg space at the front is ample. The infotainment system comes with Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay connectivity. 

The exterior design is simple yet elegant with round edges and round headlamps, which was a signature design element of this generation BMW 5 series. Both the headlamps and taillamps are fully LED and provide optimal illumination at night.  

See the video review of the car below:

Engine and Performance  

The BMW Active Hybrid 5 has a 3.0L 6-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine which pumps out incredible power and performance. This petrol engine produces 302 bhp, which is supplemented by the power produced by hybrid motors. The hybrid battery produces up to 55 bhp. The suspension is silky smooth, and it helps the car glide over bumps. It also provides a soothing and comfortable ride. 

Mileage and Maintenance 

This car returns 7km/l in the city, and it can go up to 15km/l on the highway. Under eco pro driving mode, the fuel mileage becomes a bit better and can go up to 10km/l in the city. Under this driving mode, the car shifts gears under low rpm, which improves the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. The owner did not have to take the car frequently to the dealership for maintenance issues apart from regular oil and filter change. This particular car is reliable and has low maintenance costs. One time oil and filter change can cost you up to PKR 15000 to 18000. One drawback of owning this car is to wait for spare parts if you encounter a problem. If you order parts from the dealership, you will have to wait for around 45 days.


The BMW Active Hybrid 5 is an exceptional vehicle with good resale value as BMW has a positive brand image in Pakistan. Due to the hybrid battery pack, the trunk space is reduced, which can be a drawback for large families. Another problem that owners can encounter is the availability of Run-Flat Tires in Pakistan. Although there are some drawbacks of owning an expensive vehicle, the BMW Active Hybrid 5 is an impressive vehicle to own.  

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