BMW X1 vs Honda Vezel

BMW X1 vs Honda Vezel

BMW X1 has been finally launched in Pakistan. Its price is going to start from Rs.4 million. The question is, what features will you get in this price tag? We already know that BMW X1 in Pakistan has been introduced with a price tag of approx. 4 million rupees for the base grade. I am going to briefly discuss two things in this article; the features you should expect in the standard BMW X1 and whether or not it is fair to compare BMW X1 with Honda Vezel.

BMW X1 Specs


For a price of about 4 million rupees, you should get these specs. However, you can get more features by paying an extra price.

BMW additional specs

The above are approximate prices of the additional features. Looking at the prices, a standard BMW X1 with reasonable features like cruise control, Bi-LED headlights, and Comfort assist should cost about 5 million rupees. If you go for an automatic 8-speed transmission, it should cost you around 4.6 million rupees.

Should you go for a BMW X1 if you are going to spend between 4-5 million plus?

vezel vs bmw comparison


Honda Vezel costs around 3.7 million rupees. It is 4,294 mm in length while the BMW X1 has a length of 4,439 mm. Honda Vezel is a hybrid car and it comes in 4 types, RU1, RU2, RU3 and RU4. The RU3 and RU4 have a 7-speed automatic gearbox whereas RU1 and RU2 have a CVT transmission type. RU3 is FWD while RU4 is 4WD.

Vezel Specs

These are the features you get for a Vezel at a cost of 3.7 million rupees. Comparing a BMW X1 and a Honda Vezel may be unfair, especially because a Honda Vezel is Hybrid while the BMW X1 is Petrol. Though, a BMW is more technologically advanced than Honda Vezel, it is a tough choice to make when deciding between the two.

Would you prefer BMW X1 over Honda Vezel?


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Samiullah Sharief

Samiullah Sharief is a car enthusiat. He is passionate about writing blogs and reviews about cars. His hobbies are driving,watching TV Shows like Top Gear, Mega Factories and he follows Popular car magazines. You can reach out to him by tweeting @sami649

  • Guest

    Not a tough choice.

    Vezel does not have a manual gear. X1 has. Case closed.

  • Guest

    I dont think cup holder, am/fm radio and/or a cd players counts as a feature. To me your article is heavily biased. To only keep the list longer than that of X1’s, you started adding things, to make it more appealing.

  • Khurram

    Comparing a Japanese made car with German technology? People in Pakistan treat Honda as a luxury brand. You just have to own a beamer to know the pleasure of driving a German car!

  • Saad

    Maintainability and reliability are a big factor. Spare parts price, Availability of qualified mechanics at affordable cost. Honda Vezel is an easy choice if u don’t have money to burn.

  • Omar Farooq

    A really absurd article, I’m pretty sure stuff like power windows, cruise control, seating adjustments, ABS, air conditioner, foldable rear seats, and airbags are standard in the X1. The list is made long for the vezel and kept short for the x1 which really is a surprise for me considering the x1 comes equipped with cutting edge technology. Comparing an everyday honda car with a somewhat luxury car is like comparing oranges to apples. If you must compare the x1 then compare it with the likes of Audi Q3 or a lexus crossover. Smh vezel is a whole 10 lac cheaper than x1 before taxes, you might as well compare a mehran to a city aspire.

  • Omar Farooq

    You forget that a bmw will be more reliable in the long run and much more fuel efficient. As long as spare parts are concerned just take it back to the dealership if anything is wrong and they’ll fix it for you. They’re selling you a bmw, they’ll surely offer warranty for it lol

  • Danial Khan

    This article made by honda . And just in pakistan people compare BMW world class luxury car brand with Honda .

  • Bilawal Memon

    So BMW doesn’t come with power steering,power windows, defogger,immobiliser and a mighty tachometer? Very fair comparison mate.

  • disposablejanan

    Great comparison….. Worth mentioning CD and DVD player / power windows/steering/cup holder etc of Honda…. Vs X1

  • pakjf

    I drove it once for few 100 meters and I had goosebumps

  • Kamran Vohra

    What a waste of an article . If you see the list of honda vezel specs lol its funny putting fm radio / power windows on the list comon you re spending 3.7 million. There is no comparison between honda vezel and BMW X1 . If i had an option of reporting this blog i would ve done it at first .

  • Ali

    how can one compare honda with BMW !!! .. like seriously ! …

    in lingo of pakistani rola/civic fanboys its like comparing comparing a Suzuki Mehran with your rola/civic .. maybe this will make some sense to you

  • Saad Sarwar Husain

    I cant afford both…but if i can I will go for BMW straight away, no tough decision or second thought

  • Sanjay Natarajan

    Allow wheels?? ROFL!!
    Nowadays, even wheels has to be allowed with special permission to be fitted on cars??

  • Ali

    Honda is very bad in after sales service… they don’t have qualified professionals and they deal people very bad. I have recently owned a new Honda car and planning to sell it 🙂

  • Guest again

    You ignored the part about money to burn. The dealership costs too much. It isn’t worth paying that much as the car grows older.

    German cars are too heavy, come with wider tyres and are not fuel efficient compared to Japanese cars.

  • Omar Farooq

    Japanese cars are well and good but saying german cars aren’t fuel efficient is not doing them justice. An entry level audi can do 22km/l, that’s much better than what a jdm sedan can do. German cars are known world over for their quality and reliabiltiy, you can’t go wrong with one. If you think they’re heavy and too wide then I feel sorry for you, clearly you have your measurements wrong.

  • Asad

    Mehran ka koi joor nai

  • Omar Farooq

    hahhahaa unfortunately so 😛

  • Ahmed Amin Malik

    Number of AIr bags aren’t mentioned for BMW. Anybody with that information?

  • Prado

    what a lame comparison, BMW is meant for people belonging to the upper income group…honda HRV …lol even maids in US drive this thing around

  • TE27

    Agreed – case absolutely closed. Those that can afford the XI, go for it. Those that have a lower budget want more frills, whistles, razz m tazz, go for the Vezel. You can have low cost, low maintenance and be permanently bored but if your pocket can afford to be permanently excited, go for XI, even if maintenance and parts continue to burn a hole in your pocket, wallet and whatever.

  • Wadood Ahmed

    I don’t understand what the author is trying to say here……

  • Faisal Chaudary

    Lolz….kindly let me know why some Items like Wheels, Cabin Light, Air Filter, Dashboard, Cigrette Lighter, Hand brake, Rear Seat Ashtray, space for Extra Tyre have been missed in the above mentioned list of Honda Vezel???
    Would someone like to inform me whether the Missing Items in Honda Vezel list are present in BMW X1 or we may get only a Model Decoration BMW Car??
    By the way Extra Ordinary Comparison by Honda

  • Faisal Chaudary

    Author wants to say, Vezel Is The Only Car To Buy In Pakistan…

  • khanji

    That is a dumbest comparison only can happen in Pakistan. What’s next? Compare 328i to Altis? There is day night difference in Honda and BMW. Totally different classes.

  • khanji

    Thank you for brining sanity. This author is ill informed to the fullest. Two of most different car companies, philosophies and manufacturering.

  • khanji

    Exactly correct. Honda is NOT in this class. BMW has all this and more.

  • Muhammad Masoom Ahmad

    i have a honda vezel and got a chance to drive the x1. in driving experience no doubt the bmw is superior but vezel is not bad either some people will agree with me on this, i mean if you put value of money in terms of driving the gap is not wide.
    next thing it should be compared as a whole package or not, i would say a lot of factors will have to be discussed first to draw a proper comparison if you must.
    as a brand bmw is superior as a CUV honda vezel is better

  • Naeem aziz

    Its sad to see PAID analyst serving their clients. And sadly this is not specific to auto industry, i am more into real estate and almost every other wise guy giving you free and SINCERE advice would actually be on payroll of some of the property tycoons 🙁

  • Kamal

    You are maid?

  • Salman Zafar

    well comparision is carried out as and when basics r same…Vezel is hybrid and BMW is petrol…performance is in terms of safety, comfort, looks (interior and exterior), technology, maintenance…both have their pluses…Brands r reliable and being used all over in the world..However if u talk about hybrid crossover vezel has made its own place now and its Z or RS sensing package has made it a safe ride as well…BMW X1 i think will take its time to proof its self in Pakistan and especially its very basic model…thumbs up for both

  • Ahsan Zafar

    Article and author has been subjected to undue severe criticism . Good effort by the author considering we’re way behind in terms of indepth critical analysis. Keep it up and look forward to more informative articles .