Budget 2014-15 brings hike in custom duties on imported cars and gas prices

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The new, PML-N led government has delivered its second budget for 2014-15 yesterday, in which government cut down subsidies as well as announced public beneficial policies. But PakWheels being an automotive oriented website, here are the changes that have occurred in the transportation industry.

Gas prices have been hiked in the new budget, sales tax of 17 percent has been proposed on the sale of CNG, but the increase has been only of one percent since the sales tax on CNG was already at 16%.

In the new budget for 2014-15, the custom duties on used imported vehicles are increased by 10 percent. Here is the new rate on imported cars’ custom duty that has been issued in the finance bill of 2014-15.

  1. On used import vehicles up to 800CC has been increased from $4400 to $4800.
  2. On used import vehicles up to 1000cc increase of $5500 to $6000.
  3. On used import vehicles up to 1300cc increase of $11,000 to $12,000.
  4. On used import vehicles up to 1500cc increase of $15,400 to 16,900.
  5. On used import vehicles up to 1600cc increase of $18,700 to $20,500.
  6. On used import vehicles up to 1800cc increase of $23,100 to $25,400, custom duties have been made in budget 2014-15. These rates are specifically for Asian market which excludes jeeps.

It has been projected that through various fuel taxes including petroleum levy, Gas Infrastructure Development Cess (GIDC) and NGDC, government aims to generate 314 billion rupees in revenue.

To boost agriculture in Pakistan, sales tax of tractors has been brought down from 16 to just 10 percent. Whereas the 10% Federal Excise Duty on locally made motor vehicles exceeding 1800cc has been withdrawn while customs duty on used imported cars has been increase by 10%.

Moreover, the budget proposes an additional tax of 10,000 rupees on airline passengers of first and business class while economy class passengers will have to pay 5,000 rupees in tax.

You can read about the motor vehicle tax rate and advance tax here.


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  1. Naseem Haider says

    A shit budget by nawaz noora team…. Lanat kha k jeo.

  2. Ibbad Ashraf says

    same old story of budget, bull dose the working middle class, lanat ha in pe

  3. Tawab Ahmed Awan says

    ye tou used p ha new ki import duty kitne ha ??

  4. Fazal Gilani says

    50-75% custom duty , 17% sales tax, 1% special excise duty and 5% income tax from 800cc to 1600cc

  5. Shaf Younus says

    Prior to the budget everybody said that import duties are gonna decrease..!

  6. Shama Priya says

    Federal Budget 2013-2014 Pakistan made by PML-N.

    Defaulters Money Laundering (illegal transfers).Used Public Money for personal projection.Defaulters of Banks & LESCO,Danish Schools. (11.5 million) Cap Safdar (Son in law of
    Nawaz Sharif),no 3rd party audit of mega projects in Punjab,destroying Pia,Wasted precious tax paid public money on his and his family security,He is industrialist he always damage all kind of other business and he escape most investors,Faulty and failed schemes like Ashiana Scheme, Yellow Cab Scheme, "Jangla" Bus Service, Sasti Roti and Tandoor Schemes,Punjab is today under heavy debt of Rs 500 billion,18 hours load shedding while free electricity and gas to three big factories of nawaz sharif for 4 years,misused official resources causing a loss to the national exchequer of Rs 620 million by developing 1800 acres of land in Raiwind at state expense,putted very heavy taxes on local imported vehicles and all that things which can improve quality of life of Pakistani citizens but made life extreme difficult for public & to enjoying lavish life style themselves,According to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) details Captain Safdar has not declared his income for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 year. He has also paid zero tax in these years (2010, 2011, 2012). Many people have criticized that son-in-law of Nawaz Sharif should pay taxes and should not become controversial. Marvi memon PML-N also not paid single rupee tax.Within four years Ittefaq foundry had become one of the wealthiest private industrial groups in Pakistan.That they look after Pakistan’s national interests more than their personal wealth hidden abroad.

  7. Moazzam Maqsood says

    if we import 1000 cc vitz from japan we must have to pay 5500 to 6000$ thats it ???
    or is there have any other charges that we should have to pay while importing ???
    tell me

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