What is a camouflaged Audi doing in Pakistan?!

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Spotted by Pakwheels member Mutahir, the following is Audi is a camouflaged A4 on the streets of Karachi, presumably is testing to be well suited with Pakistan’s ergonomics.

Now, vehicles are camouflaged to hide the upcoming model’s to keep the press quiet and hype for the mega launch of the vehicle in question. But testing is done on roads, real public roads where the car is destined to be driven around and so engineers, after neatly camouflaging the car from us, go out on roads to test and make amends to present a flawless product on the launch event.

We have caught 2014 Toyota Corolla testing on the roads of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad as well.


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  1. Danyal Jamali says

    Does it mean it will be locally assembled now?

  2. Faraz Khan says

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  3. Asad Hayat says

    This is not for testing/ camouflaged vehicle… This is Audi official packaging my friend

  4. Hassaan Bin Sultan says

    A wrapped Toffee for a Landlord's kid … :p

  5. Anonymous says

    it's not even 250 words…..
    It's another RANT typo article from your side….. and better improve your ENGLISH! hehehehe

  6. Anonymous says

    POSTER <—-Get your facts correct than to portray disinformation! You better be looking for what you write!

  7. Sajid Manzoor says

    To me it seems like a marketing stunt only……..branding and key components are hidden during testing stage…….plus do we consider Pakistan as an important market or has unique weather so audi decided to test its cars in Pakistan……also, testing is not done on main road, public areas. similar pics have been uploaded for Toyota 2014 model and car spotted on GT Road with Registration Number…….I respect and appreciate the efforts of friend who update others on latest happenings but some friend take advantage of this and make their cars as if these are being tested…..

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