What is a camouflaged Audi doing in Pakistan?!

Spotted by Pakwheels member Mutahir, the following is Audi is a camouflaged A4 on the streets of Karachi, presumably is testing to be well suited with Pakistan’s ergonomics.

Now, vehicles are camouflaged to hide the upcoming model’s to keep the press quiet and hype for the mega launch of the vehicle in question. But testing is done on roads, real public roads where the car is destined to be driven around and so engineers, after neatly camouflaging the car from us, go out on roads to test and make amends to present a flawless product on the launch event.

We have caught 2014 Toyota Corolla testing on the roads of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad as well.


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Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.