Can you add cruise control to any vehicle?

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Most cars do not come with Cruise control. However, it is possible to get a cruise control fitted into your car. There are aftermarket cruise controls available. Fitting a cruise control also depends on the company and model of your car. All you need to do is find the right cruise control kit and let the mechanic install it.

Here are a few questions that many people ask regarding Cruise control:

Do cruise control kits work for Manual Transmission?

Yes, cruise control kits work on manual transmissions. Depending on the vehicle you are modifying, you will need an extra switch to disable the cruise control whenever the clutch is pressed. A clutch disengagement switch is usually not too expensive. Moreover, it is also easy to install.

Do drive-by-wire cars need a special cruise control kit?

Before answering this question, it’s important to know what a drive-by-wire car is. A drive-by-wire car has a semiautomatic and computer regulated system which controls the engine of the car. These computers, also handle the suspension and other functions of the car. It is important to let the spare part dealer know if your car is a drive-by-wire so that you get the appropriate cruise control kit.

Cruise control kitWhat good do wireless cruise control switches do?

Wireless control switches make the installation of a cruise control much easier. It saves you from using a lot of wires and makes the installation cleaner.

 What are the kinds of switches available?

The most popular kind of switches available are the ones that are attached to the steering column. Some cars have them attached on the right-hand side of the steering, while some cars have them fitted on the left-hand side.

Cruise Control switch

Do you need extra sensors while installing cruise control?

Most cruise control kits come with all the necessary sensors needed. However, depending on the company and model of the car, you might need a Vehicle Speed Signal Generator for the car.

Are there Complete Cruise Control Systems available?

This depends on the make and model of the car. For older cars, there are universal cruise control kits available in the market, but then, you  have to buy a separate cruise control switch.

Cruise control kits

According to PakWheels forum, people have installed cruise controls on their cars, it’s advised to get cruise control fixed by professional mechanics or mechanics at dealerships like those of Honda and Toyota. It is possible to get cruise control in your car, provided you find the proper cruise control kit for your car.

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