Can Your Motor Car Make It To The Adventurous Places In Pakistan ?


Winter vacations will be long this time and many of you may have already started planning your holidays into the countryside, be it the mountainous areas of Naran or the evergreen planes of Neelum valley in Azad Kashmir, chances are that you’re going to make this journey by your own car. So here’s a list of things to check  in order to make sure that your car is capable of making it to the most adventurous places in Pakistan.


When driving to these adventurous getaway locations you are  going to run into occasions where you have to get up a steep incline, this is where as a motorist you will want to have a sizable engine with plenty of power. Smaller engines such as a 1.3 liter 4 cylinder can struggle at very high altitude. Driving up steep inclines at height puts a load on any engine especially as the height above sea level causes gravitational and engine air intake volume issues. As you continue to drive up the mountain, it becomes more and more difficult for the engine to get the right amount of air required for normal operation. Bigger engines are able to handle the loss of air more efficiently, without losing a significant amount of power , smaller engines however tend to be overloaded by gravity, consume a lot more fuel, lose vital power or even sometimes overheat.

Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is an important aspect when it comes to driving in the countryside. Having a car that is sufficiently high off the ground to clear any rocks or irregular surfaces that you may encounter on your journey is vital. The underside of your car is fairly delicate, especially in those vehicles that feature no protection on there undersides. Your entire car could be rendered immobile if any damage is dealt to any vital components on its underside. So ensure your car has sufficient ground clearance for tackling these challenging areas.


Brakes are something that you should give a thorough look over before departing on your journey. When driving for long hours in the countryside you will be using your brakes a lot, whether it is a  navigating down a steep mountainous road or some twisting winding roads if your brakes have any mechanical fault consider repairing or replacing them. If your car doesn’t encounter these issues it’s still a good idea to give your brakes system a proper check over to find that weather or not you have a sufficient amount of brake fluid in your system.


Tires are the main contact points between your car and the road surface, so having the proper tires for the job is essential. If your tires are old then it is  probably about time that you replace them. While traveling in the countryside you are going to be driving on loose road surfaces,  the proper tires will ensure you get maximum grip. If possible also try to fit your car with off road tires, they will make your job of driving off road very much easier.


Suspension must also be in a good condition if you wish to venture into the countryside. The suspension is the system in your car that is responsible for bearing the shocks of driving on rough roads and regular terrain, if the suspension of the car is in poor condition your journey will  be massively discomforting as the vehicle will bounce up and down at the slightest tent in the road. It can also be hazardous to all the systems in your car as excessive shaking could damage vital components in your car such as belts and pulleys within the engine.


Probably the most important aspect of all this is just having a reliable car, if your car is known to break down from time to time for mechanical issues then it’s probably not fit for the long journey ahead. When you are  out in the countryside it is highly unlikely that you will be able to find a good  mechanic who will be able to work on your car and fix the problem easily. A solution to this would be to repair or replace all the components known to cause issues to ensure a safe and hassle free journey.

Notable Replies

  1. Who cares .never used my own car for such tours.

  2. There is nothing new in this article....everything is understood and known to general and people who have cars in particular....

  3. There is no point to this article. Writer is making obvious statements.

  4. How in the world he took a cultus to the Jheel ?
    without any physical damage, i my self saw big rocks from naran to jheel.

  5. Dear All ,

    I enjoyed Kashmir trip during Eid holidays and here i am with most recent authentic view on this thread .
    While i saw lot of different cars and buses trying to reach steep hills of Toli Peer in Rawlakot Azad Kashmir , almost every car stopped due to engine heat up issues and brake fails ( Cultus , older generation civics , Cities , and Corollas ) .
    Even latest Toyota corollas were finding it difficult to climb that steep road . Two cars were however unaffected in up and down journey . 1- Latest Civics -- I saw a lot of them navigating effortlessly . and 2- Suzuki APV .
    I was traveling APV with a local driver and believe me it was the car for this journey . Later went to Neelum valley and Murree as well . There was not a single minute wasted . I am really impressed with this APV car .
    Plus a lot of guy were using Honda CG 125 bikes and it was really good on those road .
    TIP : Never use these Automatic , 600 to1000 cc cars for these trips . They will cause a lot of hiccups .Rather rent any APV for this purpose .

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