Car premium in Pakistan has skyrocketed; here’s a list

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With the improving economy of Pakistan, the country’s middle class has seen an exponential growth, which has birthed a massive demand for vehicles. Add in the growing popularity of ride-hailing services into this mix and we have an incredible -never seen before- boom in Pakistani auto industry.

On the contrary, where local auto manufacturers are registering record sales, the wait time for new cars have really plummeted to an unprecedented high. The simple fact is that auto manufacturers can’t keep up with the demand, which has led to a vacuum in the market. This has resulted in an exponential increase in the premium values of locally assembled cars.

Following is a list of the current Premium rates and booking times on locally assembled cars.



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  1. aa78 says:

    The article should have continued to also explain the negative effects of this and an overall view/analysis of the auto industry's limited capacity and concluded by making recommendations about the need for lesser taxation/duties (for both CBU and SKD imports) to bridge the gap between limited (local manufacturing) supply and excessive consumer demand.

    Currently, it looks like the author started writing the article but found something more important to do halfway through so posted it as is instead of completing it. I really hope PW improves its blog's standard.

  2. You should also include FAW v2 in your analysis. If smaller players arent charging own people should know.

  3. Bunda yei busniess karay cash ka karobar hai
    New busniess aj kal bunana na mumkin hugaya hai

  4. Until and unless new entrants launch their products we have to bear this because variance in demand and supply is rising exponentially.
    Currently BIG three unable to meet demand.

  5. Sir jo 6 months rukhna chata apni booking kara k lyna chata hai usko mana tw hai koi b zabardasti own pe nahi ky raha jiski marzi hai wo ly jiski marzi wo na ly. Kisi ko foran car chaye or wo pay kerna chata hai tw kerne dow pay

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