Cars to get more expensive in the new budget

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As many news media outlets are saying, this is the first test of the new government led by Nawaz Sharif. And as per the preliminary reports citing the budget, it looks like they are going to loose that test as most of the commodities are about to get more expensive; electricity, sugar, oil, etc etc.

Cars aren’t left alone either, as initial reports say that the prices of cars will increase however, prices of cars with engines larger then 1800cc will increase even more.

Government is expanding its tax net to fight the plague of ‘Circular Debt’ which has put the entire country into energy crisis due to mismanagement and rampant corruption and is now crossing the 500 billion rupees mark.

We’ll keep you up to date as we get more information on the budget.

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  1. Muhammad Awais says

    when new taxes on cars will be applied from 1st July?

  2. SheiKh Üxãmâ Āhmęd Siddiqui says

    hahahhahha happens every years :D!

  3. Adeel Inam says

    and I was saving to buy City by the end of this year 🙁
    Looks like I need few more months after this year as well to save enough cz God knows how much increase in price will happen after tax.

  4. Hmxa Khn Khattak says

    mze karo ab.

  5. Babar Saleem says

    Haybrid car to sasti ho rahe hai…

  6. Nehman Khalil says

    Aur Do N League ko vote.Ab Aish karo aur gaya karo Kyon Paisa Paisa kerti ho jab paisei pe marti ho.

  7. Ahsan Shahroz Gondal says

    mtlb main ab na hi import karu :P.

  8. Javed Khan says

    Ab gaari ka khayaal zehan sey nikaal hi do. Khota gaari le loun is sey behtar hai :/

  9. SheiKh Üxãmâ Āhmęd Siddiqui says

    hahahahaha 😀

  10. Ammar Malik says

    shit yaar main Reventon mangvane laga tha

  11. Humayun Haroon says

    "Government is expanding its tax net to fight the plague of ‘Circular Debt’"
    I wonder where that started from :p

  12. Usman Khan says

    lol. 😛

  13. Muhammad Dastgeer Afghan says

    hahahaha haan Ab N league ka voters ka jab washroom janay par tax lagay ga na jab unhay ehsaas hoga…….

  14. Muhammad Dastgeer Afghan says

    N League is the party under control of Zardari dog 😀
    But people have very small minds to understand the reality….they gave vote to N league to get new roads and motorways lol….what about the rest of the country? 😀

  15. Adnan Ali says

    Better option when you buy 660cc.

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