Chakwal Jeep Rally 2019 makes a grand debut

In a first for Chakwal, an impressive jeep rally was held in the district, in which a large number of jeep and desert racers participated.

Held on April 7, 2019, the first-ever 2-day Lake District Chakwal 4 Jeep Rally was organized along the lines of the famous Cholistan Jeep Rally, which has been held ever since 2005 and attracts thousands, including international racers.

For this event, Chakwal’s picturesque resort Dharabi Dam was the starting and ending point of the rally. Furthermore, Chakwal, which is also known as the “lake district” is home to 26 beautiful lakes, which till now, were not known to many outside the district.


(Courtesy: RASE)

This event was held in collaboration with the Tourism Development Corporation Punjab (TDCP) and the local administration. TDCP also prepared the rally’s 22km track. While an event which has been made successful with a team of dedicated race enthusiasts, the Chakwal Jeep Rally is largely the brainchild of Raja Yasir Humayun, an MPA from the district, who also happens to be the current Punjab Higher Education and Tourism Minister.

The minister hopes to revitalize his district’s economy by bringing more and more auto enthusiasts to Chakwal, thus creating more jobs by exploring business and trade opportunities. In addition, he hopes that this rally would provide an extra source of entertainment to the locals.

A large number of jeeps of different sizes whizzed past through Chakwal’s sandy tracks at breakneck speed, providing a novel sight to the locals which had gathered at the site in a large number.

You can check out more pictures of this event here:×4-challange-2019/1055999

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