“Changan Alsvin Is A Massive Upgrade From Honda City” – Owner’s Review

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Welcome to another episode of PakWheels Owner’s Review series. Today, we have with us the owner of the recently launched Chinese sedan, Changan Alsvin. The owner, who was previously driving a Honda City manual, purchased the top of the line variant of Alsvin as soon as it was launched in the local market, and he could not be any happier about his decision. Here’s the full review. 

Purchase and Price

The owner had the manual 1.3L Honda City 2010 for a few years and wanted to upgrade to an automatic sedan. Within the budget of 25 to 26 lacs rupees, the only options available, other than City, were Toyota Yaris and Changan Alsvin. The price of top of the line 1.5L variant of Yaris was Rs. 3 million+, and the price of top of the line 1.5L variant of Alsivin was Rs. 2.6 million, which is precisely the price bracket he had in mind. Hence, the ex-owner of 1.3L Honda City chose1.5L Changan Alsvin.

The owner pre-booked his Alsvin Lumiere in January and won the lucky draw of 1000 Alsvin customers to get the earliest deliveries and 1-year free maintenance package. The owner received his car in March with a promise of company-sponsored car maintenance for a whole year. 

The total price of Changan Alsvin Lumiere came to Rs. 25.5 lacs plus 50k withholding tax and 59k registration fee


Out of all the budget sedans in Pakistan, Changan Alsvin has, hands down, the most beautiful looks. A butterfly chrome grille, projector headlamps, and DRLs at the front make the car stand out on the road. The paint quality of the CKD units needs a slight improvement, but overall, looks-wise, Alsvin is an unbeatable car. 


Just like the exterior, the car’s interior is also unmatched, compared to other budget sedans such as Yaris, City, and Saga. Everything is in the right space and right shape. From gear shifter to climate control buttons and instrument cluster, all the elements are thoughtfully designed and placed. The owner is also very impressed with the quiet and peaceful drive of this car. There is almost no road noise inside the car cabin.

In terms of comfort, there’s ample headroom and legroom for the driver and front passenger. However, the rear seats feel a little cramped, which is the only thing that makes the owner miss his Honda City.

Fuel Average

Changan Alsvin Lumiere gives the owner an impressive fuel average of 12 kilometers per liter in the city and 15 to 16 kilometers on a long route. That’s equivalent to the fuel average of Toyota Yaris and Proton Saga.


In the words of the owner, the suspension of Alsvin is softer than City and harder than Yaris. The bumpy ride of this car is partly because of the hard Chinese tyres. The owner is planning to replace it with Japanese tyres. 


There are two airbags in the Alsvin Lumiere with ABS and EBD safety features. The car does not have hill start assist and traction control that are present in Yaris and Saga.

Salient Features

The owner is pleasantly shocked to have cruise control and electronic sunroof in this budget sedan. These are the features that you don’t even get in premier sedans that cost one million plus the price of Alsvin. The owner also loves the features of 5-speed DCT transmission, 7-inch human-machine interface, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), and reverse parking sensors

Missing Features

The only feature that the owner of Changan Alsvin misses in his car is the retractable side view mirrors

Final Statement on Changan Alsvin

The owner is familiar with the risks of buying a newly arrived car that has not matured in the Pakistani market, but he is mentally prepared for those risks. He also has a lot of confidence in Changan Pakistan and Master Motors and is optimistic about the warranty claims.

All in all, the owner is highly satisfied with his decision. “If anybody asks me to buy this car at its increased price, I definitely would.”

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  1. Jehanzeb Ahmad says

    When you do a review, instead of focusing on the front screen tablet and what it can do, please discuss the engine noise, engine vibration inside the car, the ride smoothness, the shock absorbers, handling, pick up etc. These are the things that really matter, rest are all gadgets and you can put a 10K tablet inside an Alto and it will get all the features.

  2. Muhammad Ali says

    This was really hialrious, the size of Changhan Alsvin is quite small, it can in no way be compared to Honda City which is by far bigger in cabin space and boot capacity, Alsvin is a fair competition for Cultus and in no way can be compared to yaris or city.

    Reading this in 2022 made me laugh at how the early adapters of any brand tend to market the car.

  3. Bxltrn says

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  4. iftikhar says

    I have City 1.5 CVT 2022. It gives 15.5 in city and 17-18 on long. How can Alsvin beat CITY

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