Chinese Heavy Bikes: Worthy of Recognition or a Waste of Money?


In the not so distant past, buying a heavy bike was considered to be very expensive, but the increase in their import and public’s growing awareness towards exotic automobiles has led to an increased presence of these automobiles in the country. This increased presence helped in nourishing the local market of sports/heavy bikes and cars in Pakistan. But still a used 250cc heavy bike can cost you somewhere between 4.5-7.5 Lac, which makes this part time hobby a little more expensive for a lot of people. The saving grace, however comes in the form of non-branded Chinese bikes’. With price range starting from 2.5 and going all the way to 4 Lac, the prices are pretty much affordable, offering the chance of enjoying heavy bike experience at a much lower cost. Albeit, most of the importers tend to import low quality bikes, so there is a high chance that the stigma of ‘Cheap’ will be associated with these bikes by owners of mainstream motorbikes’. But the choice and diversity is a welcome change nonetheless.

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  • Salman Ahmed

    After sales maintainable bhi nahi detae

  • chinese love

    Waste of money on buying chinese products like Q mobile , Cars , toys etc… China is best in making low cost least durable toys for kids , China produces cheap things .. If they will produce high quality things , no one will buy owing to their high prices , like Zxmco bike 70cc performs better than honda 70 cc , but after an year , it stats deteriorating and dies after 3 years , while Honda bikes lasts till death

  • Muhammad Yasir

    if they’re CHEAP and durable … it’s worth it !

  • fed up

    This is no more true, yes earlier versions were some low quality,but Chinese automotive now improved in quality and comparatively low price and giving tough time to branded names.The problem of JV in Pakistan is, they are bringing old decade models and making money .For example Al haj motors assembling old models and giving bad name to FAW. Have you check FAW V2 latest face lift model in china?.just google it.

  • Salman Ahmed

    To woh bhi unhi products Chinese ka kah raha ha na jo yaha par atae ha .doosrae faw ka manufacturing plant maina khud ja kar Chinese main dekha ha .hamari company ko kutch truck chaiyae thae .faw ki products inferior plastic se Banai jati ha . Thirdly faw is owned by Chinese government .what else do you expect from a government based company to give u quality ? Baki rahae naam allah ka .

  • Salman Ahmed

    Cheap to shahid ho durable nahi ha .after sales mantainance ka sigma waloe ke pas koi system nahi ha

  • Muhammad Yasir

    that’s sad to know

  • fed up

    Chinese auto industry is progressing fast and unbelievable, FAW B30 just an example, crossed honda civic and city sale in china .Dont know when you visited last time but If the Chinese auto is available with low price,acceptable. But our joint venture companies sell these Chinese product near to Japanese automotive price. The local mafia is responsible for this price hike and looting,like Al haj motors etc.etc. Also we should not compare Chinese state run organisation to our government run organisation, Chinese are not having the corruption level like we have.” un ki ankhon main sharam o haya baqi hai abhi tuk.”what you will say about pak suzuki cars?, big shame on we Pakistanis who keep buying suzuki scrap in high price and the rest of the life trying to maintain this junk till death, like the person said about Honda bikes.

  • Guest

    “Chinese are not having the corruption level like we have”

    Interesting comments as China is awarding death penalty to 25000+ people every year and the crime of many of them is corruption. In fact China is the only country in the world where corruption is such an issue that they have made it a crime punishable by death. One of the initiatives by their current president XJP is the famous anti-corruption drive. They arrested the governor of one of their provinces in 2014 and from the basement of his house, they recovered insane amounts of gold bricks and currency notes. They needed forklifts, cranes and trucks to transfer all those tonnes of gold and paper currency. Do you believe a single person could propagate all that corruption? Or you would agree with me that they were committed enough to capture the top dog.

    Despite that, agreed that in Pakistan the level of corruption is higher than that in China.

  • fed up

    We are having such examples also like Sharjeel memon, Agha siraj durrani etc etc. and Mr. 100% is a big example. During his government some 80 billion dollar money corrupted during five years.And the sad thing is nobody has punished in Pakistan,the best example is PANAMA case.NAB encourage corruption by pulley bargain ,instead. At least Chinese government giving death penalty to corrupt, what about Pakistan?