Daewoo to Become Pakistan’s First Listed Bus Service on Stock Exchange

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The company like many other businesses is looking to capitalize on the country’s rapidly changing transportation network. Yes, readers, it’s not only the Chinese or Japanese companies that are looking to cash in on the advancing landscape of investment opportunities Pakistan. The CPEC envisages a $55 billion in loans and investments in the country’s energy and transportation sector, which has compelled majority of -locally- existing and off-shore companies to run for the enhancement of their capacities.  Sensing this opportunity, Swedish Asset Manager, Tundra Fonder has reportedly bought a 9.4% stake in the Daewoo Express, which became the third Pakistani company after TPL Properties and HBL Holdings to receive a direct investment from the Stockholm-based fund.

Sources report that this transaction was done through Initial Public Offering (IPO), where a fund buys into an unlisted company pending an intended listing on a stock exchange. The company -Daewoo Express- to meet its growing demand to sustain its growth in the changing landscape of Pakistan’s transportation sector will be listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange in second quarter of 2017.

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