Daewoo Bus Service Directed to Relocate Its Bus Terminal from Kalma Chowk-Lahore

Deputy Commissioner, Lahore Sumair Ahmed Syed chaired a meeting at DC Office on Wednesday, 25th January 2017; in which the DC has directed the Daewoo Bus Service to shift its bus terminal from Kalma Chowk to Thokar Niaz Baig. Sources report that the regional authority secretary was also present in this meeting.

Sources further reveal that Daewoo Bus Service’ GM briefed the Deputy Commissioner on the progress of the company’s new terminal at Thokar Niaz Baig. In accordance with the briefing, DC Sumair Ahmed has directed Daewoo administration to make sure the departure of 50pc Daewoo buses to Southern Punjab from its new terminal by February 5, 2017. He has stressed the Daewoo administration to complete the construction work as soon as possible, so that the bus terminal could be shifted to the new place. In this regard, he has also directed to RTA secretary to review the construction process on Daewoo’s new terminal on daily basis.

Notable Replies

  1. Good for students of Raiwand Road universities.

  2. I heard Daewoo in Karachi, Super Highway is also planned to be relocated.Is it true? If yes, then wheer is the new location?

  3. The Change is good but they should keep the office here and start a shuttle services for the passengers.

  4. About time. Their current location is not appropriate and causes massive traffic jams.

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