Angels and Demons: Indus Motors publishes ad in newspapers comparing the better local cars against imported crap

Imported Cars vs. Local Cars

I can’t seem to remember the last time I published a headline with such dripping sarcasm, anyhow, a group which goes by the name ‘Fraudulent Car Industry Of Pakistan‘ on Facebook had a member post this image today of Indus Motor’s advertisement in a local English daily signifying how local cars are just better than imported crap.

It talks about bad resale value of imported which we have already given up, parts availability, fuel suitability, suspension and vehicle designs for Pakistani roads and what not to gain attention of local buyers who have gone towards imported cars as Indus Motors failed to fill the gap left open by the local auto industry.

Faraz Haroon talks about just that here.

These are just desperate measures done by Indus Motors to save itself from the buyers who are not interested in the points raised by Indus Motors in the advertisement any more. They just want good choices and modern equipped car and some value for money for their hard earned dough.

Imported Cars vs. Local Cars

Imported Cars vs. Local Cars.

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Baber K. Khan

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  • Raja Talha

    Well to some extent it’s true, except for the resale. But definitely the cars in japan are built for superior octane fuel and have less ground clearance as compared to Pakistani built cars.
    It’s a habit for us Pakistanis to criticize what’s built in Pakistan, a friend of mine has a Honda Fit and it’s roof was dented as a result of hailing had it been built in Pakistan, I’d have assumed it’s because of inferior built quality. As far as the specifications of cars go, let’s not ignore it’s a business; which incorporate specifications according to the market demand and seriously no one wants to pay extra penny for say a ‘valvematic’ engine or an immobilizer except for few 5% of buyers (just an instance). Let me ask all those who want brand new Vitz or Fit are you willing to pay 1.8 million PKR (1.6 million PKR is USA price) for a 2015 Vitz/Yaris? I wouldn’t launch it in Pakistan because I know people will say “I’m better off buying honda city” it’s got a trunk as least.