Drive your car through your brain

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As Tunisia burst into what now can be known as ‘realm of revolution’ as Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Yemen and Algeria following closely and sometimes quite violently, all the Pakistani minds are now found thinking about their entry in this realm of revolution found in the muslim world today.

But Germany had overthrown its dictator quite a long time back, they live in quite a successful democrazy with people exercising their rights in every field.

I concur with PW veteran ‘Autophile’s’ thought in this case, he said that the Pakistanis do not embrace equal opportunity. And it is quite true. For instance, in Pakistan, where we need local automotive industry more then anyone else, our government’s policy does not allow local auto industry to build up through not allowing any Pakistani to set up a car manufacturing concern which cannot equal to the production volumes of the current assemblers and this fact is exploited so much that we Pakistanis are stuck in a monopoly. Whereas the Europeans and Americans don’t need but they still allow almost anyone to set up their car manufacturing business even if they produce 1 or 2 cars in a year.

So when our minds are constantly jiggling on thoughts of revolution, after all these countries, Pakistani’s are growing impatient for their turn, controlling this car made by German researchers is quite impossible for us for now.

It’s called BrainDriver because your thoughts are in control of your car. This impressive technology showcases what a pleasant mind can built and perform.

Prof. Dr. Raúl Rojas is part of MadeInGermany project built the AutoNOMOS team which is part of Artificial Intelligence Group of the Freie Universität Berlin. The team demonstrated how a driver can use his/her brain to steer the vehicle. Here’s what the team have to say about their BrainDriver:

After testing iPhone, iPad and an eye-tracking device as possible user interfaces to maneuver our research car, named “MadeInGermany,” we now also use Brain Power. The “BrainDriver” application is of course a demonstration and not roadworthy yet, but in the long run human-machine interfaces like this could bear huge potential in combination with autonomous driving.

It’s not easy to actually read the neuro signals, a lot of devices which have names we can’t pronounce easily have gone into it about which you can read here at the AutoNOMOS site.

Here’s the video of the live demonstration of the technology:

Although the researchers say that driver would be able to control it through his mind after few rounds of mental training, but they also say that technology is not yet ready for the road and is for demonstration purposes only.

But this gives me an idea what the future will be like, disabled, paralyzed, blue, black, brown and white folks will be treated with equal opportunity because there were times when this technology like the revolution wasn’t even discussed but today, it is discussed and was executed by handful of people in countries never known to us aspiring billions around the globe – our minds will soon be set free.

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