Excise Department All-Geared up to Phase out Open Transfer Letter in Punjab

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Every new buyer of a car, whether it be a brand new or second hand, will have to get a vehicle registration smart card, which means that each owner will acquire his/her registration plate. Additionally, vehicle buyers will have to get their own registration plates; this ensures timely updates in the data and easy transfer of the cars; said Additional D.G Excise.

This initiative to centralize all the registration data of cars in the country and to provide an intelligent solution to phase out the age-old and manual procedure of open letter has been introduced by Excise Department. Sources are reporting that fundamental ground work has been laid out and production of this idea has already started, which means that the department is probably looking forward to start implementing it in the last quarter of current fiscal year. This idea of smart vehicle registration includes a vehicle’s smart registration book, universal number and registration plate; giving commuters a much needed break from taking care of vehicles’ papers. Sources have reported that initially, the Excise Department had planned to start issuing universal numbers; however the department decided to forgo that plan and pursue a more thorough approach to this problem. Thus, this new package including universal number, smart vehicle registration card in place of vehicle registration book and a registration plate has been opted. Sources further reveal that Excise & Taxation department of Punjab is all geared up to tackle the agent mafia by introducing this new system, which; apart from streamlining this procedure, will also contribute greatly in removing any scams or dubious ambiguities about this procedure.

“We are trying to introduce this system before June 2017, this year. And we believe that this system will help removing the agent mafia involved in this procedure. Additionally, this system will help in standardizing the value of cars,” said Additional D.G Excise Chauhdry Masod-ul-Haq

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  1. Salman Ahmed says

    Current fiscal year, stands for 2016 or 16′-17′?

  2. Salman Ahmed says

    haha, your proofreader needs to really wake up. Seriously… haha 2016!

  3. Poor people of Pakistan says

    Excise department should reduce TAXES on CARS REGISTRATION , TOKEN ….. and with holding taxes… I think the way of non-custom cars is better in a country like Pakistan where government and Tax teams all are corrupt… We welcome Taliban government in Pakistan , at least we will not have to worry about HIKED TAXES on CARS as well as on Mobile Phone usage as well as on Property , as well as on banks transactions….. Go Nawaz Go

  4. Salman Ahmed says

    Taliban govt ? Are you out of ur mind ?why don’t you go to taliban land ? We don’t need stupids like u in our country

  5. Kashif Akbar says

    i agree to you sir. absolutely true.
    getting rid of ppp/n league/pti will work even without talibans.
    we can rule honestly without others
    just dispose the current leadership

  6. mohsin malik says

    My take on this is, E&T Deptt just wasting time and money.
    In a country where even the educated class will not put the officially issued plates.

    How will a smart card improve things? as writer stated it will replace the paper.

    The problem is we don’t want to abide by the law.

  7. fed up says

    “poor people of pakistan” is frustrated with corrupt elite and system to a level where he is demanding taliban government . Dont say “stupid” like words if you dont have vision or mentle level to understand people.Try to understand how people are suffering in pakistan even the car manufacturer screwing pakistani people like any thing.The big example is Pak Suzuki /Toyota /Honda and now Al haj.

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