Excise & Taxation department of Rawalpindi collects over PKR 4.377 billion revenue

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Excise and Taxation Department of Rawalpindi has collected taxes from different sectors, including the automobile sector, and generated an accumulated sum of over PKR 4.377 billion in the form of revenue in the last Fiscal Year 2017-18.

The government of Punjab has set the target revenue of Rawalpindi Division at PKR 4.185 billion for the last Fiscal Year, and the department has achieved more than the set target.

The excise and taxation department registered  24,899 bikes, 1376 vehicles, 367 diesel vehicles etc. in the last three months. The total number of registered vehicles are around 29,069.

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Apart from the excise department achieving its desired targets, the Punjab Excise department, on the other hand, reportedly will be launching vanity number plates in the province. The people will be able to buy their desired digits for number plates. Additionally, the citizens will also be able to display their names on the plates as well.

The idea of vanity number plates is trending in the USA and UK. The governments of these countries sell vanity number plates to their citizens in a bid to earn money. So, it is safe to assume that Punjab Government is thinking the same.

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