Factors Influencing the Resale Value of Cars in Pakistan

Some people love their cars and take extreme care of them and some don’t bother much about it as long as it serves its purpose. But at the end of the day, every car owner has to come to the reality of the resale value of their car. To some car owners, this could either be a pleasant surprise or a complete shock. The resale value of a car is judged by a mixture of factors like, the mileage on it, the overall condition of the car, the number of features in it, performance upgrades the car might have and to some extent, the popularity or brand of the car. In Pakistan, it is generally believed that, Suzuki, Honda and Toyota have a better resale value when compared to imported cars. According to PakWheels.com Auto-Industry Survey, resale of a car was considered to be an important aspect when buying a car.


Car Brand

This is a very important factor that can affect the resale of your car, especially in Pakistan. Cars from automakers like Suzuki, Toyota and Honda have a great resale value when compared to other car brands that are available in the Pakistani market. Cars like Suzuki can retain more than 60% of their resale value, even after 3 years, while imported and luxury cars like AUDI or BMW might not even retain up to 60% of their value.


Performance Upgrades

Will modifying your car improve its resale value? This depends on the person interested in your car. For instance, adding a turbo or a supercharger in the engine might not be as appealing to every buyer out there. Similarly, changing a car’s transmission from automatic to manual would also decrease the re-sale value of a car. This proves that many people in Pakistan prefer to buy cars that haven’t been modified or altered.

Back Camera

Paint Color

Cars that are White, Black, or Silver have a better chance of retaining their resale value. On the other hand, cars in unconventional colors like tulip pink, aqua blue or cool beige probably have less chances of being sold for a good price. It is not recommended to change the original paint of a car as this greatly reduces the resale value. White cars are generally preferred by car buyers, especially if you want to quickly sell it off.

Car’s Over-all Condition

If your car’s exterior is damaged or has been repaired, it will definitely affect the car’s resale value. You could have problems selling your car if it wasn’t taken care of properly. Washing a car with an old sponge or dirty water and not washing it with a car wash liquid will damage the car’s paint. The car’s interior also plays an important role in its resale value. The value of a car drops down if the interior isn’t kept well, especially the seats and the dashboard. A clean car will win you more buyers from a first glance. Mileage on the odometer is another thing that greatly influences the value of a car. Fewer kilometers on a car mean better resale value.


These are a few factors that affect a car’s resale value. Hybrid cars in Pakistan don’t have a good resale value as well, especially those that are older than 2 years. It is recommended to keep your car as original as possible. Do share your opinions with us, on factors that you think affect the resale of cars in Pakistan.

Samiullah Sharief

Samiullah Sharief is a car enthusiat. He is passionate about writing blogs and reviews about cars. His hobbies are driving,watching TV Shows like Top Gear, Mega Factories and he follows Popular car magazines. You can reach out to him by tweeting @sami649

  • Guest

    The choice of words is incorrect. The JDMs that are popular also belong to Toyota, Honda and Suzuki. Common examples are Prius, Aqua, Hilux (Tiger), Axio which enjoy great resale value. In Suzuki, there is the Suzuki Alto 6th and 7th gen, etc.

    Factors dropping the value of the car (common words in the market) such as touch up, repaint, accident, major accident, total loss, engine “khula” are missing from the text. The article is kind of incompelte as it fleetingly mentions not changing the paint (the author presumable meant to say not to change the colour), however it does not mention about re-paint which is painting the car with the same colour.

    Factors like having a duplicate registration book, duplicate file, car has been snatched, then used in a robbery or terrorist activity and has been recovered (which means it has a police record), missing or duplicate number plate. All of them are most important factors yet they have been left out.

    “First-owner” car is another word each seller wants to use.

  • Pappu yaar

    the value of the car is also dependant on whether you are selling or buying. I have come across crap looking cars of a more recent model fetching more money than a pristine one of a year before….so the model of the car is also important. It also depends on whether you are exchanging your Toyota or selling it in open market. All these exchange options give you less value for your car than an open market sale as they also want to make a profit on the resale.