FAW Cars We Need In Pakistan

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The FAW Car Company is a subsidiary of FAW group, The Company is based in Changchun, Jilin, China. FAW became China’s first automobile company when it unveiled the Hong Qi car in 1958.The following is an incomplete list of brands manufactured in China by FAW Car Company:

  • FAW
  • Besturn (also known as Ben Teng)
  • Dario
  • Oley
  • Hong Qi
  • Jiaxing
  • Haima
  • Shenli

FAW also has joint ventures with foreign car manufacturers which produce and sell cars in the Chinese Market. FAW has partnerships with automakers like Audi, General Motors, Toyota and Volkswagen. FAW is also part of the Big four Chinese automakers. The other three big automakers in China are Chang’an Motors, Dongfeng Motor and SAIC Motors.

In this article, I am going discuss briefly about the various FAW Cars available in the Pakistani Market and the cars that should be introduced.

FAW Cars Available In Pakistan

FAW Carrier

FAW Carrier 1

The FAW carrier is a pick-up like car which is used to carry load. Its rival is the Suzuki Ravi. It has a 970cc engine. The engine produces 60hp @ 5000 RPM and 80Nm @ 4500 RPM of torque. The FAW carrier has an EFI fuel system. It has the following dimension:

Overall Height  1890 mm

Overall Length  4260 mm

Overall Width   1475 mm

Wheel Base       2550 mm

FAW carrier is available in three variants:

  • FAW Carrier Deckless PKR 729,000 (Ex-factory)
  • FAW Carrier Flatbed PKR 739,000 (Ex-factory)
  • FAW Carrier Standard PKR 749,000 (Ex-factory)



The FAW X-PV is a Van. It has a 8 seats and its rival is the Suzuki Bolan. The X-PV is a family van that comes in two variants:

  • FAW X-PV Dual AC PKR 899,000 (Ex-factory)
  • FAW X-PV Standard PKR 849,000 (Ex-factory)

The car is powered by a 970cc engine, which produces 60 hp @ 5000RPM and 80Nm @ 4500 RPM of torque.  It has the following dimensions:

Overall Height  1870 mm

Overall Length  3741 mm

Overall Width   1475 mm

Wheel Base       2450 mm

The FAW X-PV Dual AC comes with air conditioning while the FAW X-PV standard doesn’t.




FAW V2 is one of the most famous FAW cars in Pakistan. Its rivals are the Suzuki Wagon R and Suzuki Swift. It has a four cylinder 1298cc engine which produces 91 hp @ 6000 RPM and a torque of 120 Nm @ 4500 RPM. It has an electronic control multipoint Fuel injection. The FAW V2 has the following dimensions:

Overall Height-1530 mm

Overall Length-3760 mm

Overall Width-1680 mm

Wheel Base-2450 mm

Some of the features FAW V2 comes with include: Air Bags (2), Air Conditioner, Alloy Wheels, Anti-Lock Braking System, Remote Boot/Fuel-Lid, Steering Adjustment, Power Door Locks, Power Steering, Power Windows, AM/FM Radio, CD player and Defogger (Rear)     . The car’s price is PKR 1,049000 (Ex-factory).



FAW-Sirius-S80 interior


The FAW SIRUS is a front wheel Mini SUV. It’s the ideal car family car. It comes in two variants:

FAW Sirius S80                        PKR 1,705,000 (Ex-factory)

FAW Sirius S80 Grand 1.5     PKR 1,885,000 (Ex-factory)

The dimensions of the FAW Sirius are as follows:

Overall Height –1740 mm

Overall Length-4148 mm

Overall Width-1680 mm

Wheel Base-2655 mm

The FAW Sirius S80 has a four cylinder 1297cc engine which produces 91 hp @ 6000 RPM and it has a torque of 120 Nm @ 5500 RPM. While FAW Sirius S80 Grand has a four cylinder 1497cc engine which produces 101 hp @ 5000 RPM and a torque of 139Nm @ 4500 RPM.

Some of the features of the S80 Grand include: Air Bags (2), Air Conditioner, Alloy Wheels, Anti-Lock Braking System, Cup Holders, Folding Rear-Seat, Immobilizer, Power Door Locks, Power Steering, Power Windows, Rear Wash Wiper, Remote Boot/Fuel-Lid, Steering Adjustment, AM/FM Radio, CD Player, Defogger (Rear),DVD Player and Front Fog Lights.

FAW Cars That Should Be Introduced in Pakistan

Hongqi H7 Luxury Sedans

Hongqi H7 1

Hongqi H7 2

The first Hongqi sedan was produced in 1958. It was the first automobile produced by china. It is known as Red flag as well. The Hongqi comes in the following variants:

  • Hongqi H7
  • Hongqi HQ3
  • Hongqi Limousine
  • Hongqi Premium Luxury Sedan
  • Hongqi 2004 Edition Luxury Sedan

This car is a Chinese favourite and most government leaders in china use this car.

The following is the specification of the Hongqi H7:

Overall Height-1485 mm

Overall Length-5095 mm

Overall Width-1875 mm

Hongqi H7 interior

The H7 is available in three variants; Hongqi H7 1.8T, Hongqi H7 2.0T, Hongqi H7 3.0L. The three variants have three different engines, 1800cc, 2000cc and V6 engine that has a displacement of 3000cc. The Hongqi is a luxury sedan and if it comes down to Pakistan it can match the price of an Audi A6. The car costs about $50,000 (PKR 5,000,000).

Besturn X80

Besturn x80 1

Besturn x80 2

The Besturn X80 is a cross over SUV manufactured by the FAW Car Company. It is available in 7 variants. The variants MT Grand, MT Luxury, AT comfort and AT Luxury come with a 2.0L engine. While the AT Fashion, AT Luxury (2.3L) and AT flagship come with a 2.3L engine. The X80 is popular in china for its comfort, power, safety and space. Besturn X80’s rival will be the Honda Vezel if it is launched in Pakistan. It also costs less than a Honda Civic.

Besturn x80 3

The following are the dimensions of the Besturn X80:

Overall Length-4586 mm

Overall Width-1820 mm

Overall Height-1695 mm

Overall Wheelbase-2675 mm

Some of the features that come with the car include: Driver Airbag, Front Passenger Airbag, Front Side Airbags, Side Curtain Airbags, Electrical Park Brake (EPB), Tire Pressure Warning, Engine Electronic Anti-Theft Security System, Central Locking, Electric Door Locks for Speed Over 20km Function, Remote Keyless Entry (RKE), Cruise Control Equipment, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electric Brake force Distribution, Electronic Brake Assist (EBA) and Traction Control System. The price of a Besturn X80 in china is 120,000 Yuan which is equivalent to about PKR 2,000,000.

Besturn B30

Besturn B30

Besturn B30 2

The Besturn B30 is a sedan car. This Chinese sedan has a 1.6 Litre engine. It has the following dimensions:

Overall Length-4625 mm

Overall Width-1790 mm

Overall Height-1500 mm

Wheelbase-2630 mm

Besturn B30 3

Some of the features include: Dual Front Airbags, Front Side Airbags, Head Side Curtain Airbags, Tire Pressure Warning, Safety belt fastened buzzer, Engine anti-theft security system, Central Locking, Remote Keyless Entry, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS),Electric Brake force Distribution (EBD), Electronic Brake Assist (EBA), Traction Control System(TCS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Hill-start Assist Control. The B30 starts at 60,000 Yuan and ends at 80,000 Yuan (PKR 1,000,000 to PKR 1,300,000).

FAW Oley Hatchback

Oley Hatchback

The FAW Oley Hatchback was developed in 2013 while the Oley sedan was launched in 2012. The car has two engine variants 1.5 manual transmission and 1.5 automatic transmission. The following are its dimensions:

Overall Length-4200 mm

Overall Width-1660 mm

Overall Height-1465 mm

Overall Wheelbase 2525 mm

Oley Hatchback interior

Some of the features the Oley Hatchback comes with are: ABS+EBD, Engine anti-theft security system, Brake override system, Dual front airbags, Central door locking, electric control sunroof and Electric control window. The Oley Hatchback costs between 60-80 thousand Yuan. Which is equivalent to PKR 1,200,000 and PKR 1,500,000. The rival of this car in the local market will be the Suzuki Wagon R, Suzuki Cultus and Honda City.

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  1. Hearty Boy says

    Besturn B30 and x80 makes only sense to me.specially beacuse there is a dire need of a subcompact car to rival honda city.

  2. Ehs says

    Don’t be sad …local assembly of v2 is about to start. Expected variants:
    Manual & AT

  3. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    H7 looks awesome. At least in pictures

  4. Qasim Cheema says

    Any confirmation regarding the local assembly of v2, if yes what will its expected price and launch date? Really looking forward to it.

  5. Auto expert says

    FAW cars are high end , having high tech features , HAJI SAHIB’S FAW PLANT in Pakistan cannot even produce such parts and features in Pakistan … Even Pak Suzuki cannot produce high end even Toyota cannot produce high end cars in Pakistan , HOW SUCH CARS WILL BE PRODUCED IN PAKISTAN??? They can only be imported .. Even FAW V2 has a lot of sensors in steering , acceleration , EBD , SRS AIR BAGS which Pakistani Engineers cannot even produce…… Despite high end features people still stuck to resale…. and buy WagonR and other 660cc low power stuff , Which are more costlier than FAW V2….

  6. Muhammad Yasir says

    real sad fact …
    damn the local automotive / mechanical engineers !

  7. Muhammad Yasir says


  8. Guest says

    Interesting approach you are taking. Pakistani engineers are one of the best around the world but of course when at least 10-15% salary is cut even after performing duty on overtime, weekend and national holiday, engineers are regularly kidnapped and beaten by gangsters, and salary is by default late by at least 130 days (Salary of January being received in May, salary of February being received in June), you can’t expect them to produce, yeah?

    Pakistan has a huge crisis in retaining engineers and doctors. Even you can see most of the Pakwheelers who regularly contributed (and still contribute) in PW forums and PW blog have long left Pakistan and are never going to return.

    Military departments who do not have such problems are making good use of their engineers, see the NDC, FWO, Engg Corps. Pakistan is a contractor of Large Hadron Collidor, a military contractor of US army (exporter of Humvee), exporter of auto parts (recent automekanika in Germany, Pakistani exporters got a lot of new orders), and of course Pakistani people work in all those ventures.

    And mind you an Indus assembled engine or Atlas assembled sounds much nicer than a comparable engine assembled in India or China by Indian or Chinese workers (assembly is done by workers, not engineers), though admittedly Pakistani engine is not as good as Thailand or Japan assembled.

  9. PHAW says

    FAW = Failed And Worst……. FAW produces crap… TOYS…… These are toy cars , do not take it serious , Plastic cars, un-reliable, under-powered, Just like Donkey Cars,…. EAST and West..Suzuki is Best….

  10. Bilal Tariq says

    I believe your comment untill i read suzuki!!

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