FAW to launch a hatchback in Pakistan

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It seems that everyone is on a roll these days to launch hatchbacks in the country. Suzuki recently began importing Karimun Wagon R from Indonesia, Toyota is preparing to introduce Etios Valco whereas Honda Atlas is supposedly inching closer to Jazz/Fit.

The Chinese aren’t far behind in this race of hatchbacks, FAW launched the Sirius S80 XPV which we test drove a while ago to an almost positive review, now, they are coming close to launch the V2.

Yes, that’s the name of the vehicle. We don’t know whether it would be revised for Pakistan but it is known as FAW V2 in other markets.

The V2 comes equipped with a 1.3 liter engine which has VCTI (Variable Cam Timing) as opposed to Honda’s VTEC and Toyota VVTI. It is a 16-valve, DOHC, electronically-controlled multi-port fuel injection gasoline engine which produces 67 hp and 120 torque. ABS and airbags come as standard.

We’ll updated you with more information as it comes to us.

V2 1 v2 7 V2 3 V2 5

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  1. Ehsan Khalil says

    l'll buy one
    better then suzuki cultus

  2. Agha Mohsin says

    gonna buy it, i think the price tag will be somewhere in 7 to 8 lakhs. lets see

  3. Afnan Aftab Motiwala says

    people will say yaar china ki gari he , ye nhe dekhe ge k ye phir bi mehran alto cuore se bhut better quality ki hogi

  4. Nabeel Shk says

    I am sure these cars will be much better in quality as compared to ALTO , MEHRAN , CULTUS if the price is right and availability of spare parts is easy , car will sell for sure

  5. Usman Raza says

    how much …. ??

  6. Kashif Ali Qureshi says

    nope it will cost around 10 Lakhs…Thats the reality.

  7. Naseem Haider says

    Kashif Ali Qureshi still better bro …

  8. Muhammad Noor Rana says

    i have drive this car ..honestly it has a better drive than Suzuki swift. its 1000 percent better than suzuki cultus.

  9. Zain Saeed Qureshi says

    still better than mehran , cultus

  10. Agha Mohsin says

    I really don't think so , it will be pretty good if they will launch somewhere in 7 or 8 lakh as SUV which they have launched some months before was priced 1.8 million .

  11. Mirza K. Sharief says

    In South Africa this car cost 99,999 Rand. Converted into Pak Rupees the Expected price is 10 Lac to 10.2 Lacs + Freight Charges + Registration cost. The registration cost will be higher & charged according to 1500cc car, because this car is 1,339 cc which falls in 1300-1500cc category. So it will easily cross 11 Lacs.

    Similarly Faw Sirus s80 costs 1.69 Million in Pak Rupees, if converted then it will cost 159,995 Rand in South Africa (which is its price there), hence conversion from South Arfica currency seems legit.

  12. Imran Maskeen says

    Na G na ………. Mehran mehran aa ………….. Peepa kahi sa bhi naya la loo. Dent par jaye tu fast speed sa khud ba khud nikal jata hai. LOL

  13. Nabeel Shk says

    Imran Maskeen HAHAHAHAH

  14. Zuhair Anwar says

    If the price is above 1 million then you are competing with Toyota Vitz, not with any Suzuki cars. it means you have to compare the luxury and market value of vitz to this one which is not a very good comparison as Vitz is far superior in all respects.

  15. Hamid Jabbar says

    I read that its 1300cc Car, Suzuki swift is 1300CC, both are sold locally as brand new zero-meter cars. They can be compared. Price of swift with same features is little higher than FAW-V2. Vitz is second hand car with 1000CC, although few 1300C are also available.

  16. Muhammad Muzammal Jamil says

    Hope for the Best as FAW XPV is getting more and more market Share day by day….I am True fan of Santro Hyundai But this FAW V2 Features With Price of 1.0 Milion Approximately with fully loaded feature was really impressive for me …I sold my Alto and now going to Sold Santro in next 2 Months and going to buy This car..Really Impressive…

  17. Muhammad Muzammal Jamil says

    Much Better Than, Mehran, Cultus, Alto, Mira, Nissan OT, Mitsubishi EK ant other Cars Like This, Locally support with spare part Available..Could Be Compare with Swift and Vitz…..But Prices is much lower in comparison with both ….simply i judged that Every thing is included in the fully loaded standard car going to be launched in Pakistan….You have to do nothing …just TURNKEY and Enjoy…

  18. Muhammad Aashir says

    no that's not true this car can not be compare to cultus. cultus is one of the best car of

  19. Nabeel Shk says

    Muhammad Aashir LOL thanks for making me laugh so hard. Cultus is a good family hatchback but its anything but Best lol . it is just like Corolla xli a tin box with wheels

  20. Muhammad Aashir says

    please tell me the model of your satro and prise

  21. Muhammad Aashir says

    Nabeel Shk you have not tried that one but i think tata nano is much beter than this car LoL and you are comparing cultus with corolla yes that's true we can compare that one because that's not only a tin box that's why 50% peoples in Pakistan are using mehran cultus alto corolla santro mira Nissan ot chevrolet beat chevrolet nissan moco bolan every fx khyber even liana a simplest car of Rs.1.44 million is also using instead of city civic or any other luxury car

  22. Nabeel Shk says

    Muhammad Aashir well my comparison is not based on what the country drives its based on value for money and what the car has to offer.

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