Five Unique Things Pakistanis Experience on the Roads

Pakistanis are unique, full of humor and fun loving. It’s strange that we don’t pay attention to a lot of things around us in our daily lives. This week after a nice long chat with a friend, while enjoying a cup of tea at a road-side (Dhabba) hotel, I admired the beauty of truck art work, which generally goes unnoticed in our daily life.

So I thought of taking a break and traveling around Lahore for some time, which compelled me to write something on them. Following is the list of observations I made during my break.

#1 Vehicle Art



PAK: Urdu Truck Art and Poetry

We love our vehicles and beauty of colors; and Pakistanis appreciate them both, by combining them together to create a piece of art with each owner’s personal feeling reflected on them in the shape of poetry and a perfect representation of passion in colors.

#2 Overload limit, what’s that?



Yes, vehicles are made for traveling but that doesn’t mean we can’t use them to complete our work faster. Apparently, we Pakistanis have redefined the meaning of vehicle overloading, which allows us to complete our work faster, but that doesn’t mean it is safe.

Being careful is more profitable than suffering from a life loss.

#3 The Showoffs



It’s a fact that a lot of us tend to go overboard, when we try to do something new. As I mentioned before, we (Pakistanis) are unique and it speaks for itself in abundance. But one thing is definitely a certainty and that is, we accept and own it.

Sometimes channelizing the creativity in a productive direction makes a lot of difference.

#4 The different norms of speed


We are impressed by speed, it sure does leave its mark. Whenever it comes to speed and us (Pakistanis), we have three very simple reactions associated with it, which are generally dependent on our mood.

  1. The racers
  2. The fore-tellers
  3. The uncensored

#5 Do you know who I am?


This “Do you know who I am?” is very common, from children to grown-up’s. Majority of the Pakistanis will use this sentence whenever there is an accident, a fight about to break out or a policeman is about to file a fine, this sentence will always be the first thing to be mentioned. Please just give it a break and try to accept your mistake, as violence is not the answer to all of our problems.

Naturally everything present on this world has faults in it, which really makes us want to admire and accept them. That is why, I am a proud Pakistani.

What do you think of the above mentioned list? Do you think I missed something? If so, then please do share in the comments.

Abdul Hanan

Hanan is an avid auto enthusiast with a flair for writing and playing games. He loves traveling, deciphering political maneuvering and exploring the realms of coding & graphic designing.

  • Ahmed

    Plus tailgating and driving on high beams all the time. These two should be considered a sport in Pakistan I guess.

  • GayleProFucker

    you do not talked about the fear in people bexoz no one care about pedestrains and
    want to harrass them anyway