Freight Mishap: Destroys New Toyota Corollas in Pakistan

In foreign countries the freight cars are generally insured, which means whatever cargo is sent through them is covered, if some harm befalls on it. But in Pakistan, things take a different turn as usual. Sadly, cargo companies in Pakistan operate on word of mouth and some very minor disclaimers. More importantly, our locomotive industry isn’t prospering, which means a lot of companies and people rely on these road-cargo services.


Cargo Accident

Lately an accident on a local road has really shaken up the people’s perception on this matter. A small error on part of the driver lead to a serious road accident, which spelled a lot of problem for the dealers and car owners. The cargo contained several brand new Toyota Corolla cars, Toyota Hilux Vigo and a few other used cars, which rounds the total loss figure to an approximate value of 10-15 million PKR.


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  • Sultan Kiani

    This is not the first accident of this kind. I still remember an accident where driver tried to pass through a low height underpass and wrecked all brand new cars. In a very recent accident, new cars burnt in oil tanker explosion on Indus Highway.

  • Shabbir

    And by the way all the brand new transit vehicles are fully insured. Don’t know about used cars.

  • Guest

    Despite being insured, they will still be converted into “jaaayyyyniannn gadddi” and sold to unsuspecting customers.
    They will never be scrapped. (In fact not even after 50 years, cars are never scrapped in Pakistan).

    Even the normal cars (registered and insured) which are written off as total loss after an accident, owners gets a new car and the insurance company just auction them off to investors who then convert them into “jaaayyyyniannn gadddi”.

  • Shurjil Butt

    These kinda people are “jaaayyyyniannn assholes” bro

  • Ali

    Can you please tell that the cars were for which dealership?

  • Ali

    Any idea where this accident happened?

  • Sultan Kiani

    You nailed it!

  • Sultan Kiani

    Multi-wheeler long tractor trailers are very difficult to drive. And these double decker trailers have high center of gravity, can lose control if driver is not experienced or some other @$$h0le road user makes a stupid move near the lorry

  • Ali

    Sultan sahib very well said. Any idea where it happened? and The Toyota cars were of which dealership? Regards

  • Ali

    This incident probably happened somewhere near Mousa Khel and around Sep 1-3, 2016. Not sure, but this is most likely happened; will try to confirm.

  • Guest again

    In addition, car carriers in Pakistan are 60 feet long. The normal container trucks are 40′ long.

    By far it is most difficult to overtake a car carrier as not only they are extra long, they move faster because of limited load.

    While the other road users also feel the size of the car carrier, imagine the situation of the driver who has all that responsibility on his/her shoulders.

    Additionally, it is remarkable that passenger cars are getting upgraded with ABS, EPS, and lots of other fancy acronyms, but the trucks that carry them still belong to Ayub Khan’s era.

  • Sultan Kiani

    I’m sorry, I wasn’t there to witness what might have happened, just shared my opinion

  • Sultan Kiani

    EU trucks have lot of such features but they’re expensive. And even if they come to Pakistan, our USTAAD JI would mess up or remove each and every modern feature from those trucks and drivers would make them PUHLLAAN WAALI SARKAR. Mercedes, Volvo, MAN and Scania would be turned into DAY KO RAY SHAANN PEES!

  • Guest yet again

    Even the new Daewoo, FAW and Sinotruk trucks made in Pakistan have those features. The problem is that newer trucks are so expensive, and old trucks never get off the road.

    Drivers are plenty aware of what features they want, as their whole life is spent in the cabin – they seldom see home.